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Friday, October 31, 2014

Tour of S.S. Lane Victory and Dinner at Duke's

30 October 2014

Today we toured the S.S. Lane moored in San Pedro. We also made a brief stop to see the Mexican sailing ship,Cuauhtemoc, but will write about in my next blog as we returned next day to watch her sail.

In World War II it was the Merchant Marine that moved cargo and supplies. It took 7 TONS of supplies per year to support just one soldier. In 1942, Germany sank merchant ships at a rate of 33 per week and the enemy sank over 17,000 merchant ships in WW II.
American built 5,777 merchant ships from 1941 to 1945.

The S.S. Lane Victory served in WW II,Korea and Vietnam. Many volunteers have worked to restore her to original condition. She is the last remaining of Victory ships built during WW II. She serves as a living memorial to those who served and sacrificed to protect our freedom. She is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Signage for SHE

S.S. Lane Victory

Crew Quarters


John Checking out Museum

Radio Room

Cargo Derrick

5" Gun

The tour is self guided and cost is $5.

 Also in port were two enormous Princess Cruise ships.
Princess Ship

Princess Ship

View of San Pedro Marina & Port of LA

Port of LA Port

Arriving Cargo Ship

As we were entering the campground, a very nice Coyote posed for me and I got a great picture.
Thanked Him for His Pose

In the evening we went to Duke's again for dinner. Very nice and beautiful sunset. Enjoyed watching nighttime beach volleyball.

Sunset Over Huntington Beach

John on Huntington Pier

Night Beach Volleyball

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