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Saturday, October 11, 2014

This and That and Anniversary Dinner

10 October 2014

We have spent this week doing this and that and not too much of anything. Did take the Malibu into GM dealer on the recall for the key problem and asked them about the driver window not working correctly. Seems a new motor is needed and will have to take back next week for repair.  Seems ironic that originally when the passenger window was malfunctioning and we had the master switch replaced, the driver window gave us problems. Makes one wonder about the original repair.

Walked on Seal Beach one night at sunset with a stop for ice cream. Beautiful sunset and pumpkin moon.
Beautiful Sunsets on Seal Beach

Pumpkin Moon

Surf's Up

Oil Derrick

The Navy Base is not only a Weapons Station, but a sanctuary for birds. At night we go to sleep with the owls coyotes howling and awaken in the morning to Blue Herons and Egrets. Haven't captured photo of owls and coyotes..maybe before we leave.

Blue Heron


Yesterday five helicopters flew over and the talk was that Biden was in the area and was in one of them. Not sure if this is true,but did take a photo.
Five in a Row

On the way to dinner we took pictures of The Water Tower House which can be rented for $4,000/wk. Originally the house located down the highway began its life as a BES (Battery End Station) to look like a water tower serving as the Group 2 command station for Battery 242. It was purchased and remodel and moved to its present location in the 1990's.
Water Tower House

Today is our anniversary and we went to dinner at Dukes's by the Huntington Beach Pier. Had a very tasty dinner of OPAH parmesan & herb crusted with macadamia nuts, lemon and capers, wild rice and bok choy Asian slaw. John had Panko crusted Calamari with Guava cocktail sauce and lemon remoulade and I crab and macnut wontons for appetizers. Service was very attentive and friendly. Would definitely eat here again. Fish is fresh and the Hawaiian traditions are respected by only fishing for specific fish during certain seasons. We plan to return while we are here.
Anniversary Cards

Dinner at Duke's

On the Pier with Duke's in the Background

While writing this, was watching FOX news and was inspired by  a segment about Francisco Nunez, a composer, conductor and Director of the "Young People's Chorus of New York City" founded in 1988 to provide children of all ages, ethnic,religious and economic backgrounds with a safe haven for personal and artistic growth. They give concerts over the world. What a wonderful individual.
If only there were more talented people willing to give of their time in other cities,what a better world we would have. We need to have more stories like this in the news.

Still dealing with the ant problem, but not as bad. Word is Jerry Brown has declared them an endangered species..tee hee.

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