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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

24 October - 27 October 2014

Today we were invited by our Oregon friends Nancy & Rob and Kim & Clyde who are across from us  in campground to play putt putt at a fun course called Golf n Stuff. We decided to just play for fun and not keep score. We played the 18 hole course with the castle and it was lots of fun.

Golf n Stuff

Kim,John,Amy,Nancy & Rob

Kim and John

Clyde,Kim,John,Nancy & Rob

Course View


Clyde & John

Another View of Course

After the game we met at Costco for shopping and lunch.

Saturday we drove back to Huntington Beach for beach and pier walking. Very crowded..must have been over 100 surfers in the water.
Huntington Beach

Lots of Surfers

Fun on the Beach

Beach Volleyball

The pier pelican was in usual spot posing for pictures and hoping for treat. Walked down to the end of pier for lunch at Ruby's.
Posing Pelican

Did see some dolphins far out in the ocean...not a photo op.

Sunday finally saw a coyote near the tennis courts..there are several in the campground..hear them at night along with the owls.It was unusual to see them during the day. Warnings are posted for dog owners and walking at night.

Looking for Lunch

I See You

We have a resident bunny that takes refuge in the bush by the motorhome. He is so cute..have fed him lettuce on occasion. Just hope the coyote doesn't have him for dinner. There are lots of ground squirrels that I am sure the coyotes feast on.
Bunny Visitor

Finally found a one piece bathing suit at Marshall's..only $25 as compared to shops on the beach that ask $120/$150. Not very flattering and sure the sharks will swim in opposite direction. No, will not post photo.

We have enjoyed our stay here and have found Huntington Beach our favorite in the area. We will leave on 1st for return to Fiddler's Cove Naval Amphibious RV park on the bay where we will stay until 1 December than Camp Pendleton Del Mar Rv park til 30 December. We will then return here to Seal Beach Naval Weapons RV park until 3 January. The reason for the return is that it is closer to Pasadena where grandson Jack will perform in the Rose Parade with the Round Rock Marching Dragons Band.
Bi Plane Flyover Campground

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