Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Visit with Sherman & Gerardo

25 September 2014

We spent a delightful evening with Sherman and Gerardo who live in Lafayette,CA. We last got together with them in 2009 when we met near Petaluma. We did see Sherman at the LV gathering in February;however, Gerardo was unable to attend as he was recovering from a quad bypass. Like John in 2011, he had no heart attack, but when doing the stress test indications sent him to surgery.

They are in the process of remodeling their home which is at the end of a narrow road and abuts forest land overlooking Mt Diablo.
Their Home on the Hill

Gerardo & Sherman

View From the Deck

Master Bedroom

Kitchen & Living Area

After a tour of the home, we drove into Walnut Creek for dinner at Hub Caps. They arranged, I am sure, visits from deer. Saw at least 12 on the drive down.
Deer on a Hill


Up Against a Fence

After Dinner Photo

Thank you friends for a nice evening and conversation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heading South


The day before we departed Redmond, the  passenger window in the Malibu would not go up so John made a cover out of cardboard and gorilla tape to last until we got to Travis AFB in Fairfield. Too bad it did not happen earlier in the week so we could have gotten it fixed before departing.

We said our good by's to Hope and family and left for our next 1 night stop at Mountain Gate RV park in Redding,CA. This is our 3rd short stay and find it to be a very good and convenient park just off IH 5 coming into Redding. Only negative was front of motorhome covered in ants..got out the clorox wipes and John cleaned the front window. Best way to get rid of ants is to use clorox. Our route took us on Hwy 97 to Weed and IH5. Recent fire in Weed was devastating to the community.
Mountain Gate Site #28
Mt Shasta was hazy and the lake level very low. Everything is brown and dry.
Mt Shasta

Lake Shasta

23 September 2014

A short 4 hour drive down IH 5 to 505 and 80 and we arrived around noon at Travis AFB. This is our 3rd stay here. Travis AFB is under the control of the Air Mobility Command and the host unit of  the 60th Mobility Wing flying the C-5 Galazies, KC-10 Extenders and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. The base handles more cargo and passenger traffic than any other military terminal in the US. It is also host to the Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum with one of the largest collection of military aircraft on the West Coast.
Travis AFB Site #64

Welcome Rabbits

Where's my carrots?

While we are here, we will visiting with some friends and relaxing until we depart on the 28th for 2 nights in Bakersfield.

When we pulled into our site #64,we were greeted by some cute rabbits. Will have to get some carrots.

After we arrived,we took the car to Fairfield Chevrolet for repair on the window. We were able to wait as they installed a new master window switch. When we get to Seal Beach will have the recall on the ignition switch replaced. Could not have it done here as parts don't come in until the 1st of October.

We also filled out and mailed our absentee ballots before leaving. Oregon knows how to do voting best. All voting is my mail in..not going to voting places..all state should do this..feel it would eliminate voter fraud and voters voting multiple times.
Might even get more voters to vote.

Saw a sign driving in "keep your doctor, get rid of your congressman".

A friend of mine, Carolyn,posted the following which is so true.
"You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it,it's not a mistake, it's a choice."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last Week with Family and Friends Until Next Year

18 September 2014

Our days are drawing to a close and it will be another year before we return. It has been a good visit with family and friends and time passed all too quickly. Have enjoyed the grandsons,Hope & Shawn, friends and the farm animals. Know the horses will miss their daily carrots and lettuce from the garden and Casey will miss her time in the motorhome. Have enjoyed Colt's football games. He is a good quarterback. Boys want to have dinner at "Baldy's Barbeque" before we leave, so will take them this weekend.
Grazing Time for Katy & Rocky

Having Fun


This was Touchdown Pass From Colt

1st Day of 2014 School Year

Last Sunday we drove over to Portland to visit our dear friends Ray,Deneen and Dakota. As always, the dinner was delicious and the company great..met some of their friends and got a grand tour of their home and animals. Last year when we were there, it was dark. They live up in the Wilsonville hills on 20 acres. Dakota is quite the horsewoman and has won many honors in competition.
They have several miniature horses and three pygmy goats. We always feel at home and enjoy our visits. Thank you dear friends.
Ray,Dakota,Deneen & John

Friend and Dakota

John in conversation with Ray

Checking out the Miniature Horses

Petting the Pygmy

Cute Bunny in Yard

Another View of Home

Ray & Deneen's Home

On Tuesday we had two couples for dinner we met while we were at NAS Whidbey Island last May. Ed and Karen who live in Dallas OR and Dale and Linda who live in Redmond. Both families are avid fishermen and women who shared their shrimp catch with us on several occasions. Anyway Ed and Dale are noted wooden carvers of fish and during our May visit asked if they would carve Colt and Cade each a fish. Well, we were quite surprised and the boys love their new treasure. They also brought us some salmon from their catch in the Columbia River. Shawn and Hope enjoyed visiting with them..Shawn shared fish stories. It was a great evening and look forward to another visit. Thank you for the carvings, salmon and wine. To learn more about the carvings, go to www.thenfcg.com
Dale,Linda,Karen & Ed

Cade with His Carving

Colt's Carving (he didn't want  to be in picture)

Hope left this week for a conference in San Antonio and will be back on Sunday. We are keeping the grandsons as Shawn will be off in the woods bow hunting. So far is has gotten a deer and is hoping this weekend to get an elk.

Today we met friends, Ernie and Alinda for lunch in Terrebonne at "The Pump House". Had a nice visit and we might meet up on the road next year.
Lunch at The Pump House with Alinda & Ernie

 We are also vacating our storage area as we have managed to get our possessions down to around 16 bins and boxes and will store at Hope's. When we return in September, will go through all the remaining bins and boxes and maybe reduce even more. Feels good not to have so much. We even travel light in the motorhome. Took 3 bags of clothes to "brightside thrift", the humane society store.

Tomorrow we take the car in for a/c compressor. Felt that since we would be traveling in AZ, NMex and Texas we would need A/C.

We leave Monday for Redding and then on to Travis AFB before heading to Southern California until January.

It is truly a nice convenience to be able to park in Hope and Shawn's driveway..water,electric and excellent Wi-Fi. Enjoy helping out with grandsons and chores. Also a beautiful view of Three Sisters MTNS. Thank you kids for a wonderful stay..see you next September...longest we have been away.
Beautiful Sunset

Sunset Over Garden

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof