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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Great Job Colt with Crusher

3 August 2014

When we were in Redmond last October, Colt and Cade got 2 pigs. Cade's for a pet he named Diggie and Colt for a 4-H project for the Deschutes County Fair this past week. After much work, care including lots of baths and training, Crusher was ready for the fair.
My How He Has Grown

Working with Crusher

Congratulations for a job well done as Crusher took first prize for "Grand Champion Market Hog" weighing in at 260 pounds. Crusher is a cross of Yorkshire and Hampshire. The auction yesterday brought in $9/lb. Not a bad profit for a $500 piggy plus the food and building of sty. This will go toward his college fund. A local construction company bought him.

Receiving Award

Mom and Dad are Proud

Proud Brothers

Saying Goodby

Of course, my preference would be for the buyer to put him out to pasture. The next time pork is on the table, think of Crusher and Diggie.

During the Fair, you can contribute money without buying an entire pig by doing what is called an "Add-On" that is added to the individual's profits. This is then added to the person's auction check at the end of the fair.

Cade wants to raise a steer for entry next year. He also helped with Crusher in the feeding and watering.

4-H is a good organization providing direction, responsibility,education and morale for youngsters. Glad they are involved.

Hope developed a special insight to the raising of pigs and even got attached.

Sorry we won't get to see them again when we return this month.

Below are pictures from April.



Two Together

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  1. Rather bittersweet pictures of Crusher. I don't know how those 4-H kids let those pigs and cows go. Really proud of Colt.