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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Galt Museum and Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden-Lethbridge AB

12 August 2014

Today we drove into Lethbridge around 20 miles east of Fort Macleod to visit the Galt Museum and Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

The city of Lethbridge AB was founded on coal mining,railways and irrigated agriculture in 1882 and was called Coalbanks and officially renamed Lethbridge in 1885 after WM Lethbridge, the president of the North Western Coal 7 Navigation CO.
Welcome Garden

University of Lethbridge

The Galt Museum was named after the Galt family who were instrumental in the development of southern Alberta's coal, irrigation and railway industries. Galt also built the first hospital in 1891. See plaque history.
Galt Museum

Hospital,now part of Museum

Discovery Hall in the Museum tells the story through signage and exhibits of southwestern Alberta which is all about hunters,gatherers,traders,miners, railway builders, ranchers, irrigators, homemakers, teachers, statesmen and stateswomen.There is also an extensive archives in the lower level. You can also experience the culture of the Kainai people,take a virtual plane ride over the prairie landscape, dig up history of the local coal mines... a great education for all.
Map of Exhibits

Industry and Ranch Exhibits


Taber Buddhist Altar


Lethbridge Handicraft Display

Weaver's Display

Windmill on the Prairie

Located next to Exhibition Park and Henderson Lake is the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, a very peaceful and tranquil experience achieved by stone,water and plants.

Entrance and Gift Shop

The first stop is the well,the source of clean pure water for the tea ceremonies.

You then proceed to the Pavilion where upon entering you remove your shoes you can view the Dry Rock Garden and tea ceremony room.

Stepping outside you view a waterfall with a pagoda barely visible behind a maple tree.

In strolling thru the garden you see evergreens,maples,crabapples,pines and spruce.
The flat stones or Ariso were all individually selected and hand placed. The sound of the flowing increases and decreases lifting and calming your spirit. The turtle shaped island symbolizes longevity.

The five tiers of the pagoda represent earth,water, fire, wind and sky. Stop at the Azumaya (gazebo) to enjoy the sound of the stream and rustle of the leaves with a view of Henderson Lake.

A stop at the Friendship Bell symbolizing Japan-Canada friendship sending out a message of goodwill and understanding. Make a wish and ring the bell.

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