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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fort Qu'Appelle

30 JULY 2014

Today we drove to Fort Qu'Appelle also the name of the town via Hwy 1 and Hwy 10 about 50 miles. HBC built the post in 1864 which was at the center of the trails of commerce serving the southern half of the territory. The Red River Cart brigade would bring in supplies of meat,furs and other essential items causing great excitement. With the passing of buffalo, the HBC changed from supply and fur trade to building a general store in the town in 1897 that still stands today.
HBC Trade Building

Fort Plaque


Fort Qu'Appelle Signage


Wooden Toys

McDonald's Office Display
HBC General Store 1897

The 4th and most important of the ten First Nations treaties was sign here in 1874. The Cree and Saulteaux signed away the rights to 75,000 sections of South Saskatchewan. In 1876 the NWMP established an outpost on the site of the present golf course. In 1882 the post headquarters was transferred to Regina.

The Qu'Appelle Valley is a very beautiful area north of Regina. You leave plains as far as one can see and enter into this very fertile and scenic valley of rolling hills and lakes. There are many legends in the naming. One as reported by Pauline Johnson in her poem "The Legend of the Qu'Appelle" tells the Indian legend as being derived from the Cree name "Kahtapwao" meaning "What is calling?". French was the language of the North West Trading Company which translated from Kahtapwao to Qu'Appelle.

Today, the original outpost is now a museum with many items and artifacts of years past containing items from First Nations,HBC and NWMP.


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