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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village-Edmonton AB

22 July 2014

A 50 mile drive down 16 east is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village where history is brought to life depicting Ukrainian pioneers who settled in east central Alberta from 1892-1930. The open air museum has more than 30 relocated and restored structures including three churches of Eastern Byzantine Rite. The visitor center has displays of photos, artifacts and history signage. Also located on the grounds is a memorial plaque to the locations of the internment camps during WWI.
Entrance Sign

Walking Map

Picture in Museum of Ukrainian Family 1882

Visitor Center

Memorial Internment Plaque

The site is divided into thematic areas: Farmsteads,Rural Community and Town.

Grekul House

Bellis Rail Station & Hilliard Hotel

Wostok Hardware Store

Alberta Lumber CO

Bellis Grain Elevator

Demchuk Blacksmith Shop

St Vladimir's Greek Orthodox Church


Interior Mural

Interior Mural


St Nicholas Greek Catholic Church

St Nicholas Russo Greek Orthodox Church

Hewko House

We had a delicious lunch of Ukrainian fare consisting of Piroshki,Holubtsi,Cucumber Sour Cream Salad and Kovbasa.

During the walk we noticed many Dragon Flies, orange colored. Think this particular species is called Cherry Faced Meadowhawk and part of the skimmer family. They eat mosquitoes which is good.

On the way back made a brief stop at the Provincial Capitol in Edmonton.

Reflecting Pool Used by Bathers on Hot Days

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  1. What beautiful buildings! That plate of food looked delicious!