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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lake Louise

4 JULY 2014

Today we drove to Lake Louise via the Bow Valley Parkway 1A just north of Banff. This is a leisurely scenic drive with promises of wildlife. Well, the only wildlife was an elk. There are many hiking trails and spectacular views of Castle Mountain. We stopped at Baker Creek Mountain Resort for lunch. Met up with couple we talked with at a previous stop on Parkway, Darcy and Terri. After lunch we continued on to Lake Louise, one of our favorite stops in the Canadian Rockies. Darcy is from Maple Creek SK and Terri from Iowa. Darcy gave us names of guides when we visit Fort Walsh in Maple Creek.
Bow Valley Pkwy Welcome Sign

Trails and Stops Along Pkwy

Handsome Elk Enjoying Lunch
Bow River

Meadow and Mountain

In Front of Storm Mountain Lookout
Baker Creek Resort

Office and Checkin for Lodge

Had Delicious Lunch with Friends

My, You are Big

Cub up a Tree by Restaurant

Castle Mountain was once named for Eisenhower from 1946 to 1979. Public opinion caused the original name to be restored.   Another stop was Castle Camp memorial to persons deemed enemy aliens and suspected sympathizers who were interned here during WWI. A total of 660 enemy aliens were interned here. The vast majority were of Ukrainian origin and were used as forced labor to improve the park system.
Castle Mountain

Castle Camp Internment Memorial

Lake Louise is the most famous glacial lake in the Canadian Rockies named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, daughter of Queen Victoria and sits 5600 ft above sea level. The Chateau Lake Louise sits at the opposite end of the lake from Mt Victoria and Victoria Glacier. Canoe rentals are available. Also, take advantage of the many hiking trails around the lake. When we were here in 1998, we stayed within walking distance at the Deer Lodge. Could sit all day and take in the beauty of the area. So peaceful.
Welcome to Lake Louise

Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise & Victoria Glacier

Closer View of Glacier

Canoes on Lake

We then drove to Moraine Lake 10 miles away. The lake is surrounded by Ten Peaks and Mt Temple. There is a restaurant and lodging available. Got a picture of some very adventurous climbers. When we were here in 1998, we walked around the lake, but 16 years later we are not in as good of shape and the 6500 ft elevation is greatly felt.
Drive to Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake & Ten Peaks

Moraine Mountain View

Granite Peak Moraine Lake

We decided to ride the Lake Louise Gondola again with the promise of seeing some grizzlies..We did see one. It is a 14 minute ride in either an open chair or enclosed car to the top at an elevation of 6800 ft. The views from top were somewhat hazy, but still worth the ride. There is a restaurant and wildlife display at top. This is also a very popular ski area.
Lake Louise Gondola

Ride up to top

Grizzly Enjoying Lunch
View From Top

View of Lake Louise & Glacier

It was a good day.

www.banfflakelouise.com for more info and things to do.

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