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Monday, July 7, 2014

Cave and Basin NP-Cascade of Times Garden NP-Banff

6 July 2014
6 July 2014

Today we drove back to Banff to visit the "Cave and Basin" NP and "Cascades of Time Gardens".

Cave and Basin Park is located across the bridge to the right and 2 km on Cave Avenue. This is the birthplace of Canada's National Parks in 1885. Aboriginal peoples knew about the sacred and curative waters for many years and was a popular gathering place. In 1883, three railroad workers stumbled upon the Cave and the rest is history. Prime Minister Macdonald proposed the creation of a hot springs reserve and Canada's first national park. You can visit the underground Cave and thermal waters or take a walk over pristine marshland. My visit was complete with the sighting of a young grizzly that the rangers were watching very closely.
History Plaque

Welcome Sign

Gift Shop


Cave and Pools

Cave Walk

Another Way to Camp

Pool Area Now Walkway

Another info Sign

Campsite Exhibit

Mineral Bath


Wagon Ride

Lopping Along

Watching You

Recently added to the park is an exhibit dedicated to the internment camps of WW I. It was felt these immigrants from Germany, Austria and Hungary might be disloyal and those who were not yet naturalized were sent to internment camps over Canada.  In total, Canada interned 8,579 men between 1914 and 1920. They were used as low cost labor to build roads and clear the land for the parks.
Info Sign

Internment Sign

Map of Internment Camps



Camp Info

Model of Camp

Internment Museum

Cascades of Times Gardens located at end of Banff Ave across the bridge was established in 1935 with the building of the National Parks Building. There are a series of tiered floral beds consisting of over 50,000 flowers. Along the stone paths you will pass gazebos and sitting shelters. From the front of the building, you can get a good view of Banff Avenue and Cascade Mountain.
Parks Administration Bldg

Beautiful Flowers


Sitting Area


Just Us

Banff Ave & Cascade MT

Stopped for lunch at small deli across from city park on Buffalo.

In checking the weather, we determined that Tuesday would be best day to drive the Icefield PKWY to the Glacier Skywalk..about 2 hours north.

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