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Friday, June 27, 2014

Maligne Lake and Finally Bear Photos

26 June 2014

We drove back to Jasper today in order to visit Maligne Lake area 27 miles south of Jasper. On the way made another stop at Robson and had lunch. We also took some photos of Robson River which flows into the Fraser.
In Front of Mount Robson

Mount Robson
Signage About Robson River

Robson River with Mount Robson
Klapperhorn Mountain

Mt Fitzwilliam

  We visited Maligne Lake and Canyon 1998. Due to lateness of day and long drive back to Valemount, we only visited the Lake. I included pictures from the Canyon 1998 trip and urge you to stop when visiting the area.
One of 5 Bridges Across Canyon

Maligne Canyon

Lont Way Down

Maligne Lake has beautiful mountain and glacier views. You have the option of taking a boat trip on the lake pass Spirit Island.We did this on first trip. The lake is 14 miles long and 318ft at its deepest.

Maligne Lake

Canoe Ride  on the Lake

Boat Tour Dock

Another View of Lake

On the drive we stopped for a photo op at Medicine Lake. Interesting fact about this lake is it is fed by the Maligne Riverwhich, for some reason does not seem to flow out, yet the lake disappears in the summer. All that is left in mid autumn is a thin channel that disappears into the shoreline.
The granite mountain view are awesome.
Looks like Steam Coming Out

Granite Peaks

Awesome View

Medicine Lake
Bear Along Medicine Lake

I finally got my bear pictures today on the drive to Maligne Lake and 1 deer photo. The deer looks so malnourished.

Following the Leader

So Regal Looking

Crossing the Road
Stopped in Jasper for ice cream.

For more info on the areas go to www.malignecanyon.com and www.malignelake.com

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