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Monday, June 2, 2014

Lighthouse Point and Stanley Park-Vancouver,BC

2 June 2014

A 7:30AM departure with a stop at our favorite bagel cafe..Tim Horton's, before driving to Horseshoe Bay and Stanley Park.
Crossing Over Port Mann Bridge to North Vancouver

Another View

Horseshoe Bay is in West Vancouver situated at the tip of Howe Sound and a departure point for the BC Ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. The town has a population of 1,000. We then drove Marina Drive to Lighthouse Park for viewing the Point Atkinson Lighthouse. The hike down through old growth forest was around 1/2 mile on Burrard Inlet. There was a WW II Battery located here as well as a searchlight and  base housing. As luck would have it, an eagle was perched atop the lighthouse. Continuing down Marina passed many nice homes and one in particular caught my eye built on an island.
BC Ferry Horseshoe Bay

Entrance to Lighthouse Park
Sign for Lighthouse

Point Atkinson Plaque

Hike to Lighthouse Through Old Growth Forest

Makes it Worth the Hike
Makes me Look Small

Point Atkinson Lighthouse

Eagle Atop Lighthouse

House on Island

Crossing the Lions Gate Bridge, we entered Stanley Park,a 1000 acre public park that borders downtown Vancouver and is a favorite for hikers and bicyclists. The park draws over eight million visitors annually.
Guardian Woman 

Lions Gate Bridge

Map of Stanley Park

The Lions Gate Bridge opened in 1938 and is a suspension bridge crossing the first narrows of Burrard Inlet. Prospect Point offers a beautiful view. While at Prospect Point, there was gentleman,Ji Rong Huang, playing a Erhu which is a two-stringed instrument  known as a spike fiddle. The music is very soothing so I purchased his CD titled "the most Relaxing Erhu Music".
Happy Are We at Prospect Point Viewpoint

Prospect Point

Ji Rong Huang Playing the Erhu

The 9 O,clock Gun fires every evening at 21:00 hours. It is a 12-pound muzzle loaded naval cannon cast in 1816 and brought to the park in 1894 and fired for the first time in the park in 1898. The 21:00 firing was established as a time signal to allow chronometers of ships in port to be accurately set.
Nine O'Clock Gun Plaque

Nine O'Clock Gun

Deadman's Island was a tree burial ground for the Squamish tribe and settlers continue to use the island as a cemetery. Between 1888 and 1892, the Island became a quarantine site for victims of smallpox.
Deadman's Island-Vancouver in Background

Above Simash Rock is a WW I artillery battery and WW II Searchlights.
Simash Rock

John Atop Searchlight

We had lunch in the famous Teahouse Restaurant located at Ferguson Point. The Teahouse was once the officers mess for the base located here.
Teahouse Restaurant

At the Brockton Point Visitor Center you can view the eight Totem Poles.
8 Totem Poles

Standing Alone


Throughout the park are statues,sculptures and monuments.

You can also take a horse drawn carriage ride. Went driving in the park, pay attention to signs and note that the road around the park is one way. You must also obtained a parking pass from the kiosks located in the parking areas. You should allow at least 4 hours for touring the park. We found from our previous trip to Canada that parking is not free.
Horse Carriage

The park affords many activities for children such as aquarium, water park and beaches.

After a stop in the park for ice cream, we drove to the University of BC so John could get photos of a WW II Battery near the Anthropology Building. Parking is not free here either. Drive home took almost 1 1/2 hours with Vancouver traffic. Must be patient when driving here.

It was a good day and we are exhausted. Had to do load of laundry and get ready for our departure to Victoria tomorrow.

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