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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fort Lawton at Discovery Park in Seattle

20 May 2014

Today we drove the southend of the Island to Clinton for the ferry over to Mukliteo and then down IH 5 and over via the Magnolia neighborhood to Discovery Park, the site of Fort Lawton. The area northwest of Seattle overlooks Puget Sound. The fort was constructed in the late 1890's. In 1973 most of the property was given to the city of Seattle and dedicated as Discovery Park.
Prior to WWII it was a quiet outpost. During WWII it was the second largest port of embarkation of soldiers and materials to the Pacific Theatre. It was officially closed in 2011. The purpose of the fort was to defend Puget Sound from Naval attack. During WWII it was also used as a POW camp for Germans and Italians. During the Korean War troops heading to or returning were processed. In the late 1950's Nike missiles and AF radars were in use. Many of the buildings including the barracks and homes were destroyed. The remaining officer's housing is occupied by private citizens and up for sale.
Troop on Parage 1907

Cavalry on Parade

Horse Stable

Now an FAA Radar Site

Beach at West Point Lighthouse Stilshole Bay

View of Bay from Parade Ground

West Point Lighthouse

Former Officer's Quarters..now Private Housing

Single House

Post Exchange & Gym


Civilian Employee House


Officer Duplex

Administration Building

Discovery Park offers many trails for hiking and biking, beach and picnic areas and Indian Cultural Center visitation. I found another heart shaped rock on the beach. Also spotted a cute black rabbit. Think he was dropped off. There are signs in the park warning people not to leave their rabbits in the park..obviously ignored. Would like to think he has a better home now. Driftwood had some interesting designs.
Discovery Park Map

Interesting Driftwood


Cute Rabbitt


Heart Shaped Rock

Rhododendrons by Chapel

On the way back to the ferry, we passed the enormous Boeing Plant located in Mukliteo that offers tours.The tour which takes 90 minutes is available on a daily basis and no photos. You can see airplanes being built as well as design your own. We may try to do this before we depart on the 1st. www.boeing.com/boeing/commercial/tours/index.page

Aboard the ferry got a good picture of the Mukliteo Lighthouse which guides ships on their way to Everett, Possession Sound and Saratogo Passage. Mukliteo is the Indian word for "good place for camping" which they did in the winter. The light was lit for the first time 1 March 1906. The Lighthouse has two Fresnel lenses. The lens and fog signal were automated in 1979.
Mukliteo Lighthouse

On the Ferry Back to Clinton

Stopped in Coupeville for ice cream..delish.

Tomorrow is a down day. Park will be full this weekend.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like lots of fun! Can't wait to get the heart shaped rock for my collection. Too bad you didn't pick up the bunny too. Blackie sure would like a friend. Love and miss y'all! Hope