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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dog Sitting and Path Signs

5 May 2014

Today we had some sunshine and I volunteered to dog sit for Merlot and Jaeger. Every once in awhile I need a dog fix and these are sweet dogs. Jen and Brad wanted to go into Seattle to visit Pike Place Market and do some sightseeing. We took them for a walk several times and Merlot likes to play ball. Their favorite spot in their motorhome is on the console looking out the window.
Need to get a picture of this. We kept them by us and after their last walk put them in their home.



That's My Ball

While walking the very nice campground path on the Strait, took pictures of interesting signage and display sights that some have taken much effort in constructing. Also found the tree the Eagles like to perch. Sometimes there are two, but today only one.
Majestic Eagle


Get Carried Away with Photos

Mama's Bad Hair Day

Topiary in Progress

Destination Signs Posted by Campers

Fish Display 

Sea Serpent

Ladybug Crossing

Albino Arctic Ladybug Crossing

Fish and Joy Display

Joy seems to be the main theme and there are several displays made from driftwood.
Joy Holds up the World


Really Like This

John got the power shade installed and it is working fine. I completed the last of our Canada RV confirmations.

More pictures of Campground and of course a rabbit. Never miss an animal photo.

View of San Juan Islands in Distance

Cliffside RV Park

One Eared Rabbit.not Really

Another View from Campground
Scotch Broom

If weather holds we plan to take the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor on Wednesday for the day.

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  1. What an amazing place to stay. Just love your pictures. Al would think he had died and gone to heaven if he saw that eagle! What nice dogs you baby sat for!