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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baseball and Other Things

16 April 2014

The Grandsons are very busy with baseball practice and scrimmage games with the season opening next week. Unfortunately we will only be here for two games, but have enjoyed watching the practices. Colt is on two teams..Travel Team and Minor Team. Shawn coaches the Minor Team. Cade is also on the same Minor Team. Colt plays 2nd base and sometimes pitches. His form is good. Cade plays outfield and is also very good.
Colt Playing 2nd Base

Colt Running to 1st

Cade Ready to Bat

We have finished our new doctor appointments and sure do like our new doctors. John has a new cardiologist he likes very much.
Got our eye examines. My are about the same so did not need new prescription. Possibility of cataracts in the next five years.
Glad to hear no macular degeneration as both my mother and uncle had this. I do take eye vitamins. John for the first time has a prescription for bifocals..no line. He has been using drug store readers.

Below are pictures of the critters. They are going to miss me and the carrots. Want to ride Katy before I leave. Katy and Rocky come to the fence everyday for their carrots and petting. Casey has made herself at home in the iHome and even Checkers sneaked in the other day. Think the chickens and rabbit would come in if I let them. As for the piggies, have been told not to feed as they have to eat special food. The boys named them Crusher and Diggie.Fresh eggs from the hens are enjoyed. Going to make deviled eggs Sunday for the Easter family get together.
Checkers and Casey,Best Friends

Rooster and his Harem


Diggie and Crusher

Carrot Time

Petting Time

Katy and Rocky

The power windshield shade is history. Motor is dead. Not sure what we are going to do. If we could manually roll it up and down, would be OK, but with the motor mechanism we can't do this. Trying to get a new motor for John to install, but so far have been unable to find one as there is no name on the shade.

Have gone to the storage shed to sort through some things. Not too much left. We are paid through October so when we come back in September, will make some decisions about what to permanently give away to thrift stores.

Another beautiful sunset over the Sisters and Mt Jefferson.
Sunset Over Sisters

Sunset Over Mt Jefferson

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