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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arrival of 4-H Project

2 April 2014

Yesterday it snowed and the mountains are beautiful. Today the snow is gone and the sun is shining. Got a picture of a Western Scrub Jay and the Three Sisters.
View of Three Sisters from Motorhome

Western Scrub Jay

Shawn and the boys went to get the two pigs. He built a nice sty for them with shelter and heat lamp. Boys told me not to feed them as they had to eat special food. They know how I feed the horses carrots and apples and the rabbit lettuce and carrots.
Not to mention dog treats for Casey.
Arrival of Pigs

Notice White Stripe

Time to Eat
Cade Showing Them the Heat Lamp Shelter

This is first time I have been close to pigs and didn't know that they like to dig. Tried to pet them, but they kept running away.
Casey was intrigued and tried to eat their food. Anyway, there is a male and female. John kept thinking bacon for breakfast.
Everytime we have chicken, tell the boys to go out and count the hens..hee hee.
Here Piggy

Nana Trying to  Pet Them

Cade and Nana

They are cute and the male has a white stripe. The boys haven't named them yet.

So lets see..the family has two horses, a cat,a dog,a rabbit, 6 hens, a rooster and now 2 pigs. Keeps the family busy with chores.
Holding Checkers

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