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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Busy Day and a Year Older

25 April 2014

A busy day and a year older. Today we went to the storage shed to meet the Humane Society to donate furniture, glassware and other items. We also moved remaining boxes and bins to a 5x5 unit. We will sort through this when we return in September. Must say it felt good to donate ...kind of like a cleansing. After all, it is only stuff and hopefully someone else will enjoy. Last year  I donated the dining room table and chairs to them. So this year gave them the Henredon Buffet and Sideboard as well as Cape Cod glassware service for 8.


We then drove into Bend to get our absentee ballots for the primary in May. Oregon is a vote by mail only state . No standing in lines etc. Feel all states should adopt this method of voting. Would cut down on fraud and probably more registered voters would participate.

Weather today was rainy and cold..even saw a few snow flurries in Bend. Mountains got more snow and even the mountain passes are icy and snowy. Hopefully it won't delay our departure on Tuesday.

Went to the boys 2nd game and they won big time. Colt pitched and Cade played center field. They either play 3 innings.1 1/2 hrs or first team to score 15 runs. Also, if a team scores 5 runs in an inning before outing, they change.
Colt on Base

Cade at Bat

Ready to Run

On 3rd Beside Dad

Colt Ready to Pitch

After dinner, we went to Baldy's Barbeque for my 73RD birthday dinner. They have delicious ribs and catfish. This is a favorite of the families. When we got home, boys gave me a huge bag of M&M's, my favorite candy. Also a Hollywood key chain to remember their visit last year in California, two small pinlights to keep by the bedside and Cade made me a bracelet. Thank you very much.
Dinner at Baldy's

My Special Bracelet

Tomorrow we need to start preparing the iHome for departure. Our power shade is lost somewhere in transit so will not get it until we get to Washington.

We have enjoyed our stay here, view of the mountains, activities,critters and especially family. Thanks Hope and Shawn for everything. You make us feel right at home. Will also miss the long,strong showers and laundry facility. Just walk across the yard and no quarters or 3 minute showers. Keep us posted on the piggies at the fair. Know they do well.  WE LOVE YOU.

Cade and Colt

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  1. Isn't it amazing the stuff we can live without? What a great place to donate your furniture. I am going through another "downsize" stage. Not selling the house, but just tired of stuff and clutter. Sometimes I can get rid of stuff instantly, sometimes it takes longer to decide I really don't need this table that was my mother's, etc. kids don't want things and I am only hanging on to it because of sentiment.
    Love your birthday presents! Very thoughtful presents, especially the M and M's!