Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drive to Ft Lewis, WA

29 April 2014

After saying our good bys with lots of kisses and hugs, we departed for FT LEWIS just north of Olympia and 25 miles south of Seattle for our 2 night stay at the FAMCAMP. Our 6 hour drive took us up Hwy 97 north to Hwy 26 NW and eventually IH5.
The day was sunshine and the mountains majestic. With the recent rains, all the fields were green..quite a contrast from last fall. To the west we viewed 3 sisters, broken top, Mt Jefferson and to the north as we approached Government Camp, Mt Hood. With the recent mountain snows, they were even more beautiful.
Mt Jefferson

Mt Hood

Government Camp

Mt Hood From  GC

Crossing Columia River with Mt Hood in Background

Mt Hood

This is our first stay at Ft Lewis and are quite impressed with the campground located among the tall Douglas Firs and other trees on Lake America. Our campsite backs up to lake. No satellite or wi-fi except with our Verizon. They have a fully stocked outdoor store with everything one would need as well as rentals. There are also cabins. A very nice base commissary and several exchanges.
There is a good view of MT RANIER from the commissary.
Outdoor Rec Store at Campground

One of the Cabins

Lake America

Site 310

Mt Ranier 

Ft Lewis is named after Meriwether Lewis and was established in 1917. It is now part of the joint base with MCCHORD AFB just north of here. It is one of the largest and most modern army bases. It is a training and mobilization center for the military. MCCHORD is home to the 62nd Airlift Wing and air mobility command. For more info go to wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Lewis and wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_McChord

Tomorrow we are touring the base museums as well as several other forts in the area.

We depart on the 1st for a month at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station on San Juan de Fuca.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dinner with Friends

28 April 2014

Our dear friends from Salem, Don and Carolyn, were in town to visit their daughter Holly and family and were staying at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond. Since we did not go over to Salem this trip, this was our only opportunity for a visit. We were also joined by our good friends Alinda and Ernest from Terrebonne and a friend of Carolyn's from her United Stewardess days, Cathie who is now living in Redmond.
Cathie,Amy,Don,John,Ernest,Carolyn & Alinda

After meeting in Don and Carolyn's room for wine and cheese, we walked over to Neblick's on the Green for dinner and continuing conversation. Carolyn, Cathie and I exchanged remembrances from our stewardess days. Those were they days when passengers were treated with TLC and travelers dressed in their suits and proper attire. Drinks were limited to 2 and were free as was the food.
Trays were hand carried and on the smaller planes, only 1 stewardess. We wore girdles, starched blouses, skirts just below the knees, high heels and hats. What happened?

Alinda and Ernie are RV'ers parttime as were Don and Carolyn before they sold their Beaver Coach. We shared some RV experiences.
Think Don wants another one, but has settled for a Grand Cherokee Diesel Auto instead. He showed us all the bells and whistles and said that on a 24 gallon tank they can get 700 miles. Carolyn hasn't driven it yet. It does everything.

Dinner was delicious and we all got something different from Trout, to Pork to Salads to Shrimp and Scallops. On the walk back to the lodge was disappointed I did not see any deer. Eagle Crest is a very nice resort featuring homes, condos, golf course, stables, conference facilities, restaurants and shops. Very well established. We stayed there several years ago when we had our RCI timeshare.

Hopefully we can all get together again in September when we return.

It was a non stop day for us getting ready to depart tomorrow. Our power shade came in, John washed the iHome,I did laundry, carpooled the grandsons to and from school, made a trip to the storage shed and did a few errands.

One last picture of the piggies.
Cade's Piggy Diggie

Colt's Piggy Crusher

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Busy Day and a Year Older

25 April 2014

A busy day and a year older. Today we went to the storage shed to meet the Humane Society to donate furniture, glassware and other items. We also moved remaining boxes and bins to a 5x5 unit. We will sort through this when we return in September. Must say it felt good to donate ...kind of like a cleansing. After all, it is only stuff and hopefully someone else will enjoy. Last year  I donated the dining room table and chairs to them. So this year gave them the Henredon Buffet and Sideboard as well as Cape Cod glassware service for 8.


We then drove into Bend to get our absentee ballots for the primary in May. Oregon is a vote by mail only state . No standing in lines etc. Feel all states should adopt this method of voting. Would cut down on fraud and probably more registered voters would participate.

Weather today was rainy and cold..even saw a few snow flurries in Bend. Mountains got more snow and even the mountain passes are icy and snowy. Hopefully it won't delay our departure on Tuesday.

Went to the boys 2nd game and they won big time. Colt pitched and Cade played center field. They either play 3 innings.1 1/2 hrs or first team to score 15 runs. Also, if a team scores 5 runs in an inning before outing, they change.
Colt on Base

Cade at Bat

Ready to Run

On 3rd Beside Dad

Colt Ready to Pitch

After dinner, we went to Baldy's Barbeque for my 73RD birthday dinner. They have delicious ribs and catfish. This is a favorite of the families. When we got home, boys gave me a huge bag of M&M's, my favorite candy. Also a Hollywood key chain to remember their visit last year in California, two small pinlights to keep by the bedside and Cade made me a bracelet. Thank you very much.
Dinner at Baldy's

My Special Bracelet

Tomorrow we need to start preparing the iHome for departure. Our power shade is lost somewhere in transit so will not get it until we get to Washington.

We have enjoyed our stay here, view of the mountains, activities,critters and especially family. Thanks Hope and Shawn for everything. You make us feel right at home. Will also miss the long,strong showers and laundry facility. Just walk across the yard and no quarters or 3 minute showers. Keep us posted on the piggies at the fair. Know they do well.  WE LOVE YOU.

Cade and Colt

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter with Family

20 April 2014

The Grandsons were up very early for the Easter Egg Hunt. Colt was camera shy, but did get some of Cade. Later in the day Shawn's Dad who has a 61st Birthday, Shawn's sister, Kiley, her two girls Macie and Jaycie and her friend Lanny arrived for dinner.
Cade with Lots of Eggs

Coloring Eggs

For fun the adults decided to play some golf in the horse pasture. Shawn set up the flags and we played around six holes. This was a first for me and of course I lost tract of my score, but do know I came in last. John just observed and the 4 kids rode around on the 4 wheeler with drinks. Casey went rockchuck hunting and manage to trap one who is now history. She doesn't eat them, just buries them after the slay.
Golfing the Horse Pasture

Kids on the 4 Wheeler

It was a fun day, food delicious and Hope made Ron a strawberry cake.
Ron with Grandkids

This and That

19 April 2014

Today was opening ceremonies for the Redmond Ball Teams. All the teams are presented and recognition for the coaches and volunteers. There was a huge turnout.
Oopening Ceremonies

Colt and Cade's Team

Cade got a rubberband making loom for making jewelry and he made John a bracelet and me a ring. Hoping he will have time to make me a bracelet.
Bracelet and Ring Cade Made for Us

We got our new upholstered dinette cushions and must say Louise did a great job. Fabric blends with valences and she even put in 5" foam and did repair on one of the side panels. Thank you Louise.
New Upholstery

Ordered a new power shade for the front window and sure hope it gets here before we leave on the 29th.

Tomorrow is Easter and sure the grandsons will be up early for the egg hunt.

Made a trip to Costco to get supplies to last thru the summer and sorting out things to put in storage or give to Humane Society.

Weather is cool, windy and rainy. Gas has increased to $3.73/gal. When we started our journey 5 years ago, gas was $2.11/gal.

We also took the Bounder into the Ford dealership in Bend for oil change, coolant and service. They do a good job and we have used them 3 times. Also get a military discount of 10%. Seems many businesses in this area give military discounts.

Cade made some signs for the sty. Seems the gate was not being latched correctly and the piggies got out. Hope, John and I exerted effort in rounding them up and getting them back in the sty.
Sign for Diggie

Remember to Lock the Gate

Cade, Piggies & Sign

This is Diggie

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baseball and Other Things

16 April 2014

The Grandsons are very busy with baseball practice and scrimmage games with the season opening next week. Unfortunately we will only be here for two games, but have enjoyed watching the practices. Colt is on two teams..Travel Team and Minor Team. Shawn coaches the Minor Team. Cade is also on the same Minor Team. Colt plays 2nd base and sometimes pitches. His form is good. Cade plays outfield and is also very good.
Colt Playing 2nd Base

Colt Running to 1st

Cade Ready to Bat

We have finished our new doctor appointments and sure do like our new doctors. John has a new cardiologist he likes very much.
Got our eye examines. My are about the same so did not need new prescription. Possibility of cataracts in the next five years.
Glad to hear no macular degeneration as both my mother and uncle had this. I do take eye vitamins. John for the first time has a prescription for bifocals..no line. He has been using drug store readers.

Below are pictures of the critters. They are going to miss me and the carrots. Want to ride Katy before I leave. Katy and Rocky come to the fence everyday for their carrots and petting. Casey has made herself at home in the iHome and even Checkers sneaked in the other day. Think the chickens and rabbit would come in if I let them. As for the piggies, have been told not to feed as they have to eat special food. The boys named them Crusher and Diggie.Fresh eggs from the hens are enjoyed. Going to make deviled eggs Sunday for the Easter family get together.
Checkers and Casey,Best Friends

Rooster and his Harem


Diggie and Crusher

Carrot Time

Petting Time

Katy and Rocky

The power windshield shade is history. Motor is dead. Not sure what we are going to do. If we could manually roll it up and down, would be OK, but with the motor mechanism we can't do this. Trying to get a new motor for John to install, but so far have been unable to find one as there is no name on the shade.

Have gone to the storage shed to sort through some things. Not too much left. We are paid through October so when we come back in September, will make some decisions about what to permanently give away to thrift stores.

Another beautiful sunset over the Sisters and Mt Jefferson.
Sunset Over Sisters

Sunset Over Mt Jefferson