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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arrival Back in Oregon

22 March 2014

We arrived back in Oregon today for the next month until the 29th April. Glad we decided to come in week early due to rainy weather and possible snow. The grandsons are on spring break, busy with softball practice and visiting friends. Shawn is coaching the team this year and both boys are on the same team. It is good to be back.
Rock Formation Summer Lake OR

Mt Bachelor & Broken Top

27th March 2014

Today was errand day and Cade wanted to see the Muppets Movie and have lunch at McDonald's. When we went out to car,discovered that the back windshield was completely shattered. So John called our insurance and it is not covered as we have $500 deductible, but they referred us to Safelite who will be here in the morning. Fortunately, Hope's old Explorer is still here so we used that.
Cade enjoyed lunch and movie. This was first movie I have been to in several years.
Shattered Windshield

Colt is in 4H and getting two pigs for his project. They will add to the two horses, rabbit,hens & rooster.dog and cat.
Never a dull moment here. I give the horses and rabbit carrots and the chickens get leftovers as well as hen food. Nice to have fresh eggs again.

It is nice that we can park in the driveway and have 30amp and water. Also a nice view of the Sisters Mtns. When necessary, we go to the sewer dump by the fairgrounds.

29th March 2014

Since our dinette seat cushions are in need of re-upholstering, we took to a local place. Realize we cannot match fabric, but decided on a close coordination. Need to get things done while we are here. A very expensive fix. Also need to find someone who does leather restoration. May wait on this til next time.

Casey has once again made this her second home during the day when the family is gone. She can't stay in the house as she opens cupboards and gets food. If left outside, she finds her way to our doorstep.
Not a Care in the World

Cade blew me some bubbles with his new bubble device.
Bubbles for Nana

Check Out the Big One

Putting the final touches on our continuing trip to Canada. Have most confirmations, but still need 3 or 4. Guess the RV parks are closed for the season and don't respond to email.

I was also able to find a doctor here that accepts Medicare and Tricare for new patients. Have an appointment on the 8th.
Also have eye appointments.

30 March 2014

Today was a new experience. We went to the pig auction in hopes of getting a pig for Colt's 4H project. Lots of cute pigs, but came home empty handed. The bidding process is interesting. Top 2 bidders get choice of pigs. High bids while we were there were $500 per pig. Bid starts out at $200. This was our first livestock auction.
Waiting for the Auction

The Bidding Has Started

Four Little Pigs

Black and White Ones

Grandsons go back to school this week. Weather is still cold and windy.

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