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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Chuck

16 February 2014

We spent the afternoon with Chuck and Rose Mary,their son Jon and wife Melanie and grandson Ian, son Carl and Ian's cousin on Melanie's side, Bryce.
Melanie,Rose Mary,Jon,Carl,Chuck,Bryce & Ian

They have a home on the 6th hole at Aliante Del Webb. The weather was perfect and enjoyed sitting on the patio, talking, watching the golfers and enjoying good food. After lunch the guys looked for stray golf balls with the boys. They each found 3.
Giving Papa Cards from Ian & Bryce

This is a Very Nice Card

Time for Dessert

That Looks Yummy

There are some homes when you walk through the door, you immediately feel at home and welcomed. We were so caught up in conversation that time flew. Ian and Bryce are buddies and play so well together. Ian is 5 and Bryce 6. Ian brought his new iPad and is very smart. Think he might know more than I. He also likes snakes..something his Mother and I prefer never to see or touch.

In saying our good bys, failed to take the lotion Rose Mary gave me and also wanted several pieces of her homemade fudge to eat on way back. We are constantly applying lotion for dry skin due to lack of humidity. Think I would rather have the dry skin.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, we met Chuck and Rose Mary 18 years ago when they moved from Las Vegas to Salem through our good friends Carolyn and Don. Carolyn and Rose Mary used to fly for United. I flew for Eastern. Those were the days of hats, starched blouses,high heels, girdles and treating the passengers with respect and care. We hand carried meal trays and worked our tushes off, yet we enjoyed our job. Quite frankly unless it is for an emergency, we have no desire to board an airplane today.

Oh dear, I digress. Tomorrow is replace all the screen wires. After 5 years, they get very dirty and even washing does not get rid of the grime. Fortunately my handyman is very precise at these jobs and know he will do a good job.

Thank you dear friends for including us to celebrate Chuck's 77th.

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