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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

10 February 2014

Since my last entry we have just been doing a little of this and a little of that.

We had to renew my military ID and John had to get a new one. The old one had his SSN and they have stopped doing this for security reasons. Afterwards we went over to the Thunderbird Museum to make sure we could bring Chuck, Rose Mary and their grandson Ian for a visit.

Thunderbird Museum

F-105 American Restoration Restored

All in a Row

Thunderbird F-16 Over Campground

 Met our friends Chuck and Rose Mary for dinner at Aliante Casino at the TGI Friday's  and to see their lovely home in the Del Webb Community. It is a very large retirement area with over 2,000 homes. Many activities and interests for the residents. You could ride your golf cart to the Aliante. Anyway we enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner. I even managed to walk through the casino and pass all the slots. In fact we have not gone to any of the casinos since arriving. Read recently that there is one in the MGM than has not paid off in 20 years. Seems people are anxious to try their luck if they can play it as once someone gets on they stay. Some have even spent over $5,000 trying to win.It is called the Lion something.

Last Thursday we again met Chuck and Rose Mary at the Bagel Cafe for lunch. This was their first visit. Chuck was anxious to try the corned beef..he took half home for dinner. The Cafe wasn't here when they moved 18 years ago to Oregon and had not tried it since moving back last summer. John said they would either curse us or love us for introducing to them. As it turned out they have added it to their list of favorites. Since they were having company that weekend, they got supply of bagels, spreads etc.

On the way to the Cafe, we stopped at Bed and Bath to get them a bagel slicer. Ended up getting one for us as not happy with the guillotine I had. Also bought a new Percolator as ours was showing age.
New percolator and bagel slicer

Finally got the switch from Fleetwood for the front windshield shade and my handyman installed.

Also ordered a new telescoping flag pole from Flag Pole Buddy. The old one made alot of noise at night. This one makes less noise, but still a bother at night.
Guess that is why you don't see many on RV's. So handy John spent most of day trying to modify it for less noise. Waiting for some wind to try it out. We also purchased a Retired Air Force Flag.
New Flag Pole

Still taking every opportunity to take pictures of the F-22's. Here are some more. I find it entertaining and challenging to try and get that perfect photo. I take comfort in knowing the training they experience gives us peace of mind knowing they along with all the other branches of our military are protecting us. God Bless them one and all and pray for their safety. Thank you.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to share in a barbeque rib and chicken get together at the campsite with several other couples. Dusty was the master barbecue chef. Great job!!
Gathering of Friends

I fixed a fresh fruit salad to go with the baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad and delicious dessert. Food was delicious and we enjoyed the conversation and meeting other couples and sharing stories of travel. We are now talking that maybe our next get together should be a spaghetti dinner. Sounds good to us. Talked with Bob and Joyce who have traveled to Alaska with Holiday Rambler caravan, advised us to also travel in a caravan when we travel there or rent an RV. Seems roads are not so good and breakdowns frequent.

Fred was there with his service dog, Axel who when the National Anthem was played as it is everyday at 4:30, immediately went into parade rest position. Fred lost his legs due to IED in Iraq and is full time RV'er. He is also sometimes a host here in the park.

Pat, Darwin, Dusty and Judy have hummingbird feeders hanging from the pine trees. Saw at least 4 or 5 and tried to get some good pictures.

On top of Pine Tree

The way the campground is laid out in circles, makes it nicer for meeting fellow campers. We are in circle 1. There is also an area called wagon wheels to the left of photo that some prefer, but not us. There is alot of room between RV's and the vegetation gives you privacy.
Think this will be a stop each winter.
Campground map..We are in Circle 1 Site 22

When we went to Lowe's yesterday, I got a hummingbird feeder. So far the hummingbirds have not found it. Will have to get Pat's recipe for nectar.


  1. The recipe we use is 1 cup water, 1/4 cup sugar, I bring it to a boil and then let it cool. The trick is to not use too much sugar.

  2. We just saw an RV with a flag pole with the solar lights on top. Had never seen them before. It is really neat. I think one may be in our future.