Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lake Havasu and London Bridge

22 February 2014

To break the routine and because it was such a beautiful day, we decided to drive down to Lake Havasu City, AZ to walk the London Bridge. On the way we stopped in Bullhead City to try and find the ruins for Fort Mohave, but unfortunately there is no signage or access. Lake Havasu City we had never visited and just wanted to see what the area was like.

Our drive took us through 3 states..NV,AZ and CA. Of course Laughlin and Bullhead City are separated by the Colorado River. Stopped in Bullhead City at Safeway to get our picnic lunch which we enjoyed at the local park on the river under a Eucalyptus.  It is said this is least expensive town in Arizona to buy a home. Seems to be a big area for snowbirders, but we weren't too impressed. Continuing on through Needles, CA we arrived at Lake Havasu City and the London Bridge.
Picnic Under the Eucalyptus

The 1831 bridge that spanned the Thames was dismantled and relocated here in 1967 with the completion in 1971. It was purchased by Robert McCullough chairman of McCullough Oil Co and founder of Lake Havasu City as a tourist attraction and increasing interest in the area. The land was free with the promise of developing the area. The bridge arrived at the Port of Los Angeles in numbered pieces and transported overland. Believe that the total cost of purchase, transport and rebuilding was around $8M.

Walk Across the Bridge

Handsome Dude on the Bridge

Ready for the Walk

Side View

View From the Bridge

View of Canal

View From Other Side

View of  English Town Replica

Yet Another View

There is a song by Gary P Nunn in reference to the Bridge called London Homesick Blues. "Well, when you're down on your luck/and you ain't got a buck/in London you're a goner. Even London Bridge has fallen down/ and moved to Arizona/now I know Why."

Also there was made for TV movie "Bridge Across Time". In the movie a series of murders in Lake Havasu is attributed to the spirit of Jack The Ripper whose soul was transported in one of the stones of the bridge. And we all remember the childhood song "London Bridge is Falling Down".

After leaving Lake Havasu rather than return the same route, we decided to take IH 40 east to HWY 93 through Kingman as there was a signage John wanted to photograph for his website of Camp Beale Springs. This was a US Army Camp established in 1871 and abandoned in 1874. Prior to the establishment of the Army Camp, a wagon road was built and completed in 1860 using camels as pack animals. The road crossed the 35th parallel. Increased traffic on the road created tensions between the travelers and the Hualapai and the Hualapai War lasted from 1866 to 1870. The Hualapai were forced to leave in 1874 and sent to the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation at La Paz near Parker AZ.
Camp Beale Springs Marker

Camp Beale Springs Marker

It was a long day, but enjoyable. Drove over the Tillman Bridge at Hoover Dam, but too dark for photos. We visited there last year.

This last week John went to walk in dentist with back molar that was bothering him. Well, the tooth was cracked and infected so he has to be on antibiotics for week before it can be pulled. That will happen Tuesday. We also had to view the room for the dinner with family get together on the 1st at the New York New York hotel. While there put $5 in a quarter slot and won $122. That has never happened before and the first time I have played a slot in over 5 years. John also installed the new kitchen faucet and finished replacing the screen wire in all the screens.

Pat just came over to invite us for another get together tomorrow. We enjoy these.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Chuck

16 February 2014

We spent the afternoon with Chuck and Rose Mary,their son Jon and wife Melanie and grandson Ian, son Carl and Ian's cousin on Melanie's side, Bryce.
Melanie,Rose Mary,Jon,Carl,Chuck,Bryce & Ian

They have a home on the 6th hole at Aliante Del Webb. The weather was perfect and enjoyed sitting on the patio, talking, watching the golfers and enjoying good food. After lunch the guys looked for stray golf balls with the boys. They each found 3.
Giving Papa Cards from Ian & Bryce

This is a Very Nice Card

Time for Dessert

That Looks Yummy

There are some homes when you walk through the door, you immediately feel at home and welcomed. We were so caught up in conversation that time flew. Ian and Bryce are buddies and play so well together. Ian is 5 and Bryce 6. Ian brought his new iPad and is very smart. Think he might know more than I. He also likes snakes..something his Mother and I prefer never to see or touch.

In saying our good bys, failed to take the lotion Rose Mary gave me and also wanted several pieces of her homemade fudge to eat on way back. We are constantly applying lotion for dry skin due to lack of humidity. Think I would rather have the dry skin.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, we met Chuck and Rose Mary 18 years ago when they moved from Las Vegas to Salem through our good friends Carolyn and Don. Carolyn and Rose Mary used to fly for United. I flew for Eastern. Those were the days of hats, starched blouses,high heels, girdles and treating the passengers with respect and care. We hand carried meal trays and worked our tushes off, yet we enjoyed our job. Quite frankly unless it is for an emergency, we have no desire to board an airplane today.

Oh dear, I digress. Tomorrow is replace all the screen wires. After 5 years, they get very dirty and even washing does not get rid of the grime. Fortunately my handyman is very precise at these jobs and know he will do a good job.

Thank you dear friends for including us to celebrate Chuck's 77th.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Potluck at the Campground

15 February 2014

Another great and fun campground get together with 8 couples for potluck. Everyone bought their choice of entree and a side dish.
We had baked beans, 3 desserts,fruit salad,tossed salad, homemade pickles and several appetizers. Everything was delicious. Guys did the barbecuing and the gals did the side dishes. Met some new couples. Want to get recipes for the oatmeal cake and pimento dip from Joyce and Pat.
The Barbecue Kings

Chatting with Friends

Sharing Stories

Getting My Share of Goodies

Tricia and Fred

This morning could not resist a picture of the sunrise. Must say we have had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets here and in California.

It is always so nice to meet new fellow campers and share stories of their adventures.

Tomorrow we are going to Chuck and Rose Mary's for a cookout in honor of Chuck's birthday. Looking forward to this. Have some treats for their grandson Ian that I hope he will enjoy.

Think John finally solved the problem with the flag noise. It wasn't the pole, but the rings for the flags. It still makes a little noise, but not as much as it did. He put a difference flag attachment to the pole.

We are now awaiting the new kitchen sink faucet from Fleetwood. The one we bought at Lowe's just didn't fit correctly as it kept coming apart under the sink on the line leading to the expandable part. Just wasn't the right size.

Another major project we have is to remove the vent covers and clean the part that closes. They are filthy. John not looking forward to this.

Finally had a hummingbird this morning. They seem to swarm around Pat and Darwin's two feeders. While we eating there must have been at least 4. Just love to watch them.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

10 February 2014

Since my last entry we have just been doing a little of this and a little of that.

We had to renew my military ID and John had to get a new one. The old one had his SSN and they have stopped doing this for security reasons. Afterwards we went over to the Thunderbird Museum to make sure we could bring Chuck, Rose Mary and their grandson Ian for a visit.

Thunderbird Museum

F-105 American Restoration Restored

All in a Row

Thunderbird F-16 Over Campground

 Met our friends Chuck and Rose Mary for dinner at Aliante Casino at the TGI Friday's  and to see their lovely home in the Del Webb Community. It is a very large retirement area with over 2,000 homes. Many activities and interests for the residents. You could ride your golf cart to the Aliante. Anyway we enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner. I even managed to walk through the casino and pass all the slots. In fact we have not gone to any of the casinos since arriving. Read recently that there is one in the MGM than has not paid off in 20 years. Seems people are anxious to try their luck if they can play it as once someone gets on they stay. Some have even spent over $5,000 trying to win.It is called the Lion something.

Last Thursday we again met Chuck and Rose Mary at the Bagel Cafe for lunch. This was their first visit. Chuck was anxious to try the corned beef..he took half home for dinner. The Cafe wasn't here when they moved 18 years ago to Oregon and had not tried it since moving back last summer. John said they would either curse us or love us for introducing to them. As it turned out they have added it to their list of favorites. Since they were having company that weekend, they got supply of bagels, spreads etc.

On the way to the Cafe, we stopped at Bed and Bath to get them a bagel slicer. Ended up getting one for us as not happy with the guillotine I had. Also bought a new Percolator as ours was showing age.
New percolator and bagel slicer

Finally got the switch from Fleetwood for the front windshield shade and my handyman installed.

Also ordered a new telescoping flag pole from Flag Pole Buddy. The old one made alot of noise at night. This one makes less noise, but still a bother at night.
Guess that is why you don't see many on RV's. So handy John spent most of day trying to modify it for less noise. Waiting for some wind to try it out. We also purchased a Retired Air Force Flag.
New Flag Pole

Still taking every opportunity to take pictures of the F-22's. Here are some more. I find it entertaining and challenging to try and get that perfect photo. I take comfort in knowing the training they experience gives us peace of mind knowing they along with all the other branches of our military are protecting us. God Bless them one and all and pray for their safety. Thank you.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to share in a barbeque rib and chicken get together at the campsite with several other couples. Dusty was the master barbecue chef. Great job!!
Gathering of Friends

I fixed a fresh fruit salad to go with the baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad and delicious dessert. Food was delicious and we enjoyed the conversation and meeting other couples and sharing stories of travel. We are now talking that maybe our next get together should be a spaghetti dinner. Sounds good to us. Talked with Bob and Joyce who have traveled to Alaska with Holiday Rambler caravan, advised us to also travel in a caravan when we travel there or rent an RV. Seems roads are not so good and breakdowns frequent.

Fred was there with his service dog, Axel who when the National Anthem was played as it is everyday at 4:30, immediately went into parade rest position. Fred lost his legs due to IED in Iraq and is full time RV'er. He is also sometimes a host here in the park.

Pat, Darwin, Dusty and Judy have hummingbird feeders hanging from the pine trees. Saw at least 4 or 5 and tried to get some good pictures.

On top of Pine Tree

The way the campground is laid out in circles, makes it nicer for meeting fellow campers. We are in circle 1. There is also an area called wagon wheels to the left of photo that some prefer, but not us. There is alot of room between RV's and the vegetation gives you privacy.
Think this will be a stop each winter.
Campground map..We are in Circle 1 Site 22

When we went to Lowe's yesterday, I got a hummingbird feeder. So far the hummingbirds have not found it. Will have to get Pat's recipe for nectar.