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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Relaxing and Planning

29 January 2014

This has been a very relaxing time. The only time we leave the campsite is for errands. Some may think 2 months is a long time to stay any one place,but this gives us time to reflect,relax, meet new friends,visit old friends and plan our next journey.
Happy Camper

Cleaning the Windows

After five years we decided it was time to get sunshades on front and side windows installed. At the recommendation of a fellow camper, we called RVSunshades in Las Vegas and a very nice installer came to our site. He has a real efficient setup with sewing machine and all. What a difference they make. He even made us wiper covers. Thank you Kenny for a superb job. By the way they are made by Solaristra.


John just ordered some parts from Fleetwood. Our power front shade goes down, but not up. John thinks it is the switch. So awaiting that so he can install.

Your Present Plans are going to succeed if you stick to them.

I have been spending the time planning our next journey, deciding on campsites etc. We will leave Oregon 1st of May and spend 1 month on Whidbey Island at the Naval Air Station Cliffside RV Park near Oak Harbor. June, July and August will be spent in 4 provinces of Canada..British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our stops will include Vancouver,Kamloops,Prince George,Jasper, Banff,Calgary, Edmonton,Saskatoon, Dauphin,Winnipeg, Regina, Maple Creek, Lethbridge and Cranbrook before arriving back in Oregon.
Map of Canada Journey

Have received confirmations from several campgrounds. Guess some of the ones I contacted via email are in hibernation for the winter and will contact me later. John has mapped out his fort visits and I am working on other sights. We decided to save western part of BC for our Alaska trip in the future.

The skies over Nellis are busy with the Red Flag maneuvers until the 14th of February. Don't mind the noise and have been trying to get some good pictures. Still hoping for that perfect Thunderbird flyover. They will be going to Daytona last part of February for a show. www.nellis.af.mil/redflag-nellis

F-16 Thunderbird


Over the Pine Tree

Passing Our Flag

Red Flag

Red Flag F-22's

Red Flag

Yesterday after a stop at Camping World for a new water regulator, we stopped at the Bagel Cafe for lunch. They have the best corned beef sandwiches and pastries. We also got a dozen bagels and veggie creme cheese. www.thebagelcafelv.com
Chicken Salad at Bagel Cafe

Corned Beef at Bagel Cafe

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  1. Love your new shades! Are they snap on or magnetic? We were just discussing getting wiper blade covers. We saw some people here that just take the blades off. Your next trip is quite a trip! That takes so much planning. How many days do you stay at one place? We get tired of set up and take down. Of course, we are not on the road as you two are. We just go for a couple of months at a time. The worst of the ice is over, but will still be running the tap for the next couple of nights, then it will all be over. We got a lot of computer and tv time today!