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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Point Loma and Harbor Cruise

11 January 2014

No power in the west part of the base for the day due to maintenance also affecting the campground, so we decided to venture into San Diego again and visit Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma adjacent to the Navy Base and National Cemetery. We visited here last year,but John wanted to get some more  photos for his website. At the Visitor Center I made friends with a barn owl. First time I had seen one up close..beautiful creature.

Conversation with an OWL

Tour Boat Passing

The views from the Point Loma Lighthouse and Visitor Center afford San Diego and the Navy Yard on Coronado. There are several hiking trails to some of the old batteries and tide pools. At the Visitor Center is a statue of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, the first European to set foot on the west coast 50 years after Columbus. He named the site as San Miguel which is now San Diego. The expedition claimed over 800 miles of coastline for Spain. He died in 1543.
Signage About Cabrillo

Cabrillo Monument

View of Navy Yard on Coronado

Point Loma forms a protective barrier at the entrance  to San Diego Bay rising 422 feet above the ocean. In 1852 it was designated as military reserve. In 1899 a series of batteries were built and Fort Rosecrans was dedicated.During World Wars I and II the  point provided vital military defense systems with searchlight bunkers, fire control stations and gun batteries.
Fire Control Station

Another View of Fire Control Station

The Point Loma Lighthouse was completed in 1854 and in 1855 a Fresnel lens was installed. Fog and low clouds obscured the light and it was moved in 1891 to the bottom of the hill. The military painted the Old Point Loma Lighthouse olive green and used it as a command post and radio station.
Point Loma Lighthouse

Fresnel Lens Signage

Fresnel Lens

Lighthouse Kitchen
By the Whale Spine

Lighthouse Keeper

We were hoping to see some gray whales migrating. We only saw a lot of sailboats.

We then drove to the harbor for the 2 hours north/south cruise with Hornblower Tours. As we were heading south a fog bank started rolling in so we did not get to see as much as we had hoped. Did see many Naval vessels and passed under the Coronado Bridge.
On the North portion, we got good view of San Diego, USS Midway, USS Ronald Reagan, California Sea Lions nesting on the bait barges, North Island Naval Station and Nuclear Submarine Base. San Diego is home to the largest Naval Fleet in the USA.
Boarding the Lord Hornblower

Russian Sub

Star of India

Lord Hornblower

USS Ronald Reagan

Naval Ship..Not sure What Type

More of the Fleet

This is Unusual

Marriott Marina..Our next Home..The Yacht

San Diego Skyline

Fish Market Restaurant

Cripple Sea Gull


Lots of Sail Boats

California Sea Lions

Aren't They Cute

Peaceful Sail

Coronado Bridge

Since power was still out when we returned to base, we went over to Panda Express for dinner. Seems it is a popular place for Marines.

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  1. Very interesting pictures! Love seeing our your sights. We will be heading out Sunday for the Gulf Shores.