Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Relaxing and Planning

29 January 2014

This has been a very relaxing time. The only time we leave the campsite is for errands. Some may think 2 months is a long time to stay any one place,but this gives us time to reflect,relax, meet new friends,visit old friends and plan our next journey.
Happy Camper

Cleaning the Windows

After five years we decided it was time to get sunshades on front and side windows installed. At the recommendation of a fellow camper, we called RVSunshades in Las Vegas and a very nice installer came to our site. He has a real efficient setup with sewing machine and all. What a difference they make. He even made us wiper covers. Thank you Kenny for a superb job. By the way they are made by Solaristra.


John just ordered some parts from Fleetwood. Our power front shade goes down, but not up. John thinks it is the switch. So awaiting that so he can install.

Your Present Plans are going to succeed if you stick to them.

I have been spending the time planning our next journey, deciding on campsites etc. We will leave Oregon 1st of May and spend 1 month on Whidbey Island at the Naval Air Station Cliffside RV Park near Oak Harbor. June, July and August will be spent in 4 provinces of Canada..British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our stops will include Vancouver,Kamloops,Prince George,Jasper, Banff,Calgary, Edmonton,Saskatoon, Dauphin,Winnipeg, Regina, Maple Creek, Lethbridge and Cranbrook before arriving back in Oregon.
Map of Canada Journey

Have received confirmations from several campgrounds. Guess some of the ones I contacted via email are in hibernation for the winter and will contact me later. John has mapped out his fort visits and I am working on other sights. We decided to save western part of BC for our Alaska trip in the future.

The skies over Nellis are busy with the Red Flag maneuvers until the 14th of February. Don't mind the noise and have been trying to get some good pictures. Still hoping for that perfect Thunderbird flyover. They will be going to Daytona last part of February for a show. www.nellis.af.mil/redflag-nellis

F-16 Thunderbird


Over the Pine Tree

Passing Our Flag

Red Flag

Red Flag F-22's

Red Flag

Yesterday after a stop at Camping World for a new water regulator, we stopped at the Bagel Cafe for lunch. They have the best corned beef sandwiches and pastries. We also got a dozen bagels and veggie creme cheese. www.thebagelcafelv.com
Chicken Salad at Bagel Cafe

Corned Beef at Bagel Cafe

Monday, January 20, 2014

Arrival Nellis AFB and Breakfast with Friends

20 January 2014

We left Camp Pendleton on the 15th via Hwy 78 and IH 15 to Nellis AFB and base campground "Desert Eagle" for the next 2 months.
Drive on IH 15 into Nevada

We were here last year at about the same time and find it very enjoyable and relaxing. We enjoy watching the "Thunderbirds" practice and touring some of the outlying areas such as Red Rock Canyon and Valley of the Fire. The Thunderbirds did two fly overs the motorhome, but did not have my camera...oh so close. Will try and get some photos this week. They fly the F-16 Fighting Falcons and have a very extensive schedule this year. www.afthunderbirds.com
Thunderbird Display Main Gate

Thunderbird F-16 Fighting Falcons

Flyover, but not the photo I want to get

On the Tarmack

Nice to Watch

Nellis AFB has military schools and more squadrons than any other USAF base. Nellis is the airbase for air combat exercises such as Red Flag and close air support exercises such as Green Flag. Go to Wikipedia for more detailed info on the base or www.nellis.af.mil/

This year we have site #22..very large and full hookups for $20/day. This campground is one of the better laid out for space and privacy. A nice walking path around the campground which we do twice a day. Staff is superior. A great to place to winter.
Our Site #22

Our friends, Rose Mary and Chuck moved here last year from Salem to be near their kids and grandson. We met for breakfast at Mimi's and catching up. We hope to visit with them several times while we are here.
Breakfast Time

After leaving Chuck and Rose Mary, we stopped at Costco for cheese and batteries. Well, you know you always come out with more and that we did. John bought me a new camera like his a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 with 60x zoom. Maybe now I can focus and see better.
At least I won't have those nasty spots on the inside of the lens. Also got a pair of PJ's and some socks.

After our walk, will start cleaning the outside windows and iHome with a product that a fellow camper recommended called ICE Premium Care Detailer by Turtlewax. John did the front windows and they look pretty good. Speaking of front windows, we had new ones installed in October when we were at Hope's due to cracks. Noticed on our trip that prism like streaks are appearing between the panes. Not sure what is causing this, but will have them come out and inspect when we get back in April.
Windshield Problem

Well,time for our walk..til next time..

Thursday, January 16, 2014

March Airfield Museum and Riverside National Cemetery

14 January 2014

Enroute to Nellis AFB from Camp Pendleton, we decided to stop at March ARB in Moreno Valley near Riverside for 2 nights in order to visit the March Field Air Museum and Riverside National Cemetery.
Control Tower


March ARB formerly known as March AFB is home to the Air Force Reserve Command's 4th Air Force. For almost 50 years it was a SAC base. The base has been in use since 1917 and the oldest airfield operated by the military. Under base realignment in 1993 it was assigned status as Air Reserve Base. For more history go to wikipedia.

The Air Museum is located just off base on Van Buren and is open 7 days a week with admission charge of $10. They feature. quite a display of military history and aircraft from WWI to present. The museum was established in 1979. www.marchfield.org

Vintage Display

Static Display

March Airfield


Plane that George W Bush Flew

Memorial to Dogs in War


Museum Entrance

We then drove down Van Buren to visit the Riverside National Cemetery, the third largest cemetery managed by the National Cemetery Administration covering 921 acres. Since 2000 it has been the most active based on number of interments. The cemetery is home of the Medal of Honor Memorial one of four in the USA. The walls feature the names of all recipients and dedicated in 1999.

Medal of Honor Memorial

Medal of Honor Marker

Medal of Honor Medals

There is also a Veterans Memorial statue on top of which lies the lifeless body of a soldier covered by a pancho hiding his face giving silent tribute to all who have served and given life in combat.It was created by A. Thomas Schomberg, a Colorado sculptor.
Veterans Memorial

Dedication Plaque

The Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Memorial was dedicated in 2005. The statue is the image of an American Serviceman on his knees and bound by his captors. It was sculpted by Vietnam veteran Lewis lee Millett,Jr. The black marble pillars surrounding the statue represent imprisonment.
Prisoner of War/MIA Sculpture

POW/MIA Plaque
So Peaceful

The cemetery has several lakes with blue herons and a general serenity of the area. There were several funerals on the day we visited. There are only flat markers and no gravestones. Not sure why.

Blue Heron

One of Several Lakes


Recommend both stops in the area of Riverside and Moreno Valley just off IH 15.

Tomorrow we arrive Nellis AFB for 2 months. Time to start planning our continuing trip to Western Canada.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Point Loma and Harbor Cruise

11 January 2014

No power in the west part of the base for the day due to maintenance also affecting the campground, so we decided to venture into San Diego again and visit Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma adjacent to the Navy Base and National Cemetery. We visited here last year,but John wanted to get some more  photos for his website. At the Visitor Center I made friends with a barn owl. First time I had seen one up close..beautiful creature.

Conversation with an OWL

Tour Boat Passing

The views from the Point Loma Lighthouse and Visitor Center afford San Diego and the Navy Yard on Coronado. There are several hiking trails to some of the old batteries and tide pools. At the Visitor Center is a statue of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, the first European to set foot on the west coast 50 years after Columbus. He named the site as San Miguel which is now San Diego. The expedition claimed over 800 miles of coastline for Spain. He died in 1543.
Signage About Cabrillo

Cabrillo Monument

View of Navy Yard on Coronado

Point Loma forms a protective barrier at the entrance  to San Diego Bay rising 422 feet above the ocean. In 1852 it was designated as military reserve. In 1899 a series of batteries were built and Fort Rosecrans was dedicated.During World Wars I and II the  point provided vital military defense systems with searchlight bunkers, fire control stations and gun batteries.
Fire Control Station

Another View of Fire Control Station

The Point Loma Lighthouse was completed in 1854 and in 1855 a Fresnel lens was installed. Fog and low clouds obscured the light and it was moved in 1891 to the bottom of the hill. The military painted the Old Point Loma Lighthouse olive green and used it as a command post and radio station.
Point Loma Lighthouse

Fresnel Lens Signage

Fresnel Lens

Lighthouse Kitchen
By the Whale Spine

Lighthouse Keeper

We were hoping to see some gray whales migrating. We only saw a lot of sailboats.

We then drove to the harbor for the 2 hours north/south cruise with Hornblower Tours. As we were heading south a fog bank started rolling in so we did not get to see as much as we had hoped. Did see many Naval vessels and passed under the Coronado Bridge.
On the North portion, we got good view of San Diego, USS Midway, USS Ronald Reagan, California Sea Lions nesting on the bait barges, North Island Naval Station and Nuclear Submarine Base. San Diego is home to the largest Naval Fleet in the USA.
Boarding the Lord Hornblower

Russian Sub

Star of India

Lord Hornblower

USS Ronald Reagan

Naval Ship..Not sure What Type

More of the Fleet

This is Unusual

Marriott Marina..Our next Home..The Yacht

San Diego Skyline

Fish Market Restaurant

Cripple Sea Gull


Lots of Sail Boats

California Sea Lions

Aren't They Cute

Peaceful Sail

Coronado Bridge

Since power was still out when we returned to base, we went over to Panda Express for dinner. Seems it is a popular place for Marines.