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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Without Incidence

10 November 2013

While we were in Redmond we had our tires checked and were told we would have at least another year. Well that was not the case as when we driving from Salem to Medford on IH 5 at exit 152, we heard a loud bang. We pulled over and John checked outside and on the roof for damage or loss of objects and found nothing, so we continued and again the noise. Pulling over we better inspected the tires and realized that the inside back left tire had blown.
Tire Mishap

We called Good Sam roadside emergency and they sent a tow truck within the hour. As it turns out our spare was a Michelin and the motorhome has Goodyear tires. Not sure why they would not put the same type of spare. At any rate the rim on the spare had to be changed from the blown Goodyear to the Michelin. This part of service not covered and cost was $40. We started counting up our cash and being $7 short, had to get out my laundry quarters and were able to pay the bill. Lesson learned...alway carry cash for emergencies.

After a 2 hour delay, we arrived at the KOA between Gold Hill and Medford. Nice park. Our intent is to stay 2 nights continuing on to Redding for 3 nights. Well on Monday we researched FMCA's Michelin Advantage plan and found a dealer in Central Point and ordered 6 tires as we don't want to take any chances of another mishap. They informed us that they had to order and that they may be here on Tuesday. So we extended out stay 1 night. We hope to leave on Wednesday.

We are just thankful that no damage was done to motorhome and that it didn't happen as we were driving over the Santiam Pass from Redmond to Salem.

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  1. How scary! Am so glad that all turned out well. Tire blowouts are my biggest worry, well, maybe not my biggest worry! We did get some tire minders for the iHome and the iTowed so I can worry about other things. :))))