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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fort Cronkhite & Golden Gate NRA

24 november 2013

Visit to Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Fort Cronkhite on our agenda today.http://www.nps.gov/goga/historyculture/fort-cronkhite.htm
Fort Cronkhite Today

View of Fort and Pacific

We visited here last year; however, the 16 inch Artillery Gun had not been put in place near the Townsley Battery nor did I hike to top.  The original gun was scrapped after WW II and this is the same type gun taken from the USS Missouri. How it was ever moved last year to the top of Battery Townsley is remarkable. It was loaded on a huge truck (as depicted by the signage picture) and hauled up a mile on winding road. Think this was same company that placed the original guns during WW II. The gun is 68 feet long and could fire 2100 pound projectile 25 miles. I can't believe I hiked up the steep hill, but with John's encouragement made it to the top.
Battery Townsley Entrance

Battery Townsley

Next to the Big 16"

Back View

At Very Top is Townsley

Plotting and Switchboard Rooms

Signage History

This is the 16" at Townsley

Movement of Gun

The Golden Gate NRA sits on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Marin Headlands on the Pacific. This is definitely worth a trip especially if you are a history buff,hiker, biker or outdoors person. There are many hiking and biking  trails. There is also a nice beach and surfing area.
Don't Step Off

Hole in the Boulder

View from Townsley

Rodeo Beach and Surf Area

 If you drive up Bunker Ln to McCullough to the bridge viewpoint, you will be amazed. One of the best views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco.
Golden Gate

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