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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dinner with Liz

21 November 2013

Tonight we drove into San Francisco to meet daughter Liz for dinner. She is an accounts executive with Delta Dental and just in for a few days on business. Since Travis is only an hour away we couldn't pass up the opportunity since we will not be going to Texas this trip. As it turns out she may be in Southern California later and we will have to meet again.
Dinner with Liz

She chose the "Town Hall" restaurant on 3rd and Howard and a short walk from her hotel stay. Fortunately she had made reservations as they were extremely busy. Service and food superb. Pricey, but worth the delicious meals. Liz had the trout, I the red snapper and John chicken. Should have taken a picture of the presentation, but did get one of us.

Traffic going into the city was terrible. Toll on Oakland bridge $6. Don't know how the commuters do this twice a day. Once we got into the city, GPS not specific on which lane to be in for hotel, so we missed it and had to ride several blocks before finally  figuring it out. What a maze.

Had a nice visit with Liz and caught up on family and her job.

Before we left Campground,pulled the slides in as the wind was over 35/mph and did not  want to chance replacing another awning.
We left the slides in following day as well and soon learned that we can manage with them in..just a little tight. Going across the Oakland bridge was very windy and exciting. Sure would not want to take the iHome across on days like this.

I have been keeping busy with editing our travel photos and selecting music for making DVD's. Frustrating at times in trying to find the right music, but also an opportunity to relive our journeys through the photos. I have over 17,000 photos of family and travels in my iPhoto albums. You can never have too many. Guess in my old age they will provide good entertainment and memories.

This has been a relaxing stay and we depart on the 29th for 4 nights at Monterey. Have enjoyed the rabbits and tempted to feed them carrots, but that is a no no.
So Cuddly

Where are my Carrots?

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