Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fort Cronkhite & Golden Gate NRA

24 november 2013

Visit to Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Fort Cronkhite on our agenda today.http://www.nps.gov/goga/historyculture/fort-cronkhite.htm
Fort Cronkhite Today

View of Fort and Pacific

We visited here last year; however, the 16 inch Artillery Gun had not been put in place near the Townsley Battery nor did I hike to top.  The original gun was scrapped after WW II and this is the same type gun taken from the USS Missouri. How it was ever moved last year to the top of Battery Townsley is remarkable. It was loaded on a huge truck (as depicted by the signage picture) and hauled up a mile on winding road. Think this was same company that placed the original guns during WW II. The gun is 68 feet long and could fire 2100 pound projectile 25 miles. I can't believe I hiked up the steep hill, but with John's encouragement made it to the top.
Battery Townsley Entrance

Battery Townsley

Next to the Big 16"

Back View

At Very Top is Townsley

Plotting and Switchboard Rooms

Signage History

This is the 16" at Townsley

Movement of Gun

The Golden Gate NRA sits on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Marin Headlands on the Pacific. This is definitely worth a trip especially if you are a history buff,hiker, biker or outdoors person. There are many hiking and biking  trails. There is also a nice beach and surfing area.
Don't Step Off

Hole in the Boulder

View from Townsley

Rodeo Beach and Surf Area

 If you drive up Bunker Ln to McCullough to the bridge viewpoint, you will be amazed. One of the best views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco.
Golden Gate

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dinner with Liz

21 November 2013

Tonight we drove into San Francisco to meet daughter Liz for dinner. She is an accounts executive with Delta Dental and just in for a few days on business. Since Travis is only an hour away we couldn't pass up the opportunity since we will not be going to Texas this trip. As it turns out she may be in Southern California later and we will have to meet again.
Dinner with Liz

She chose the "Town Hall" restaurant on 3rd and Howard and a short walk from her hotel stay. Fortunately she had made reservations as they were extremely busy. Service and food superb. Pricey, but worth the delicious meals. Liz had the trout, I the red snapper and John chicken. Should have taken a picture of the presentation, but did get one of us.

Traffic going into the city was terrible. Toll on Oakland bridge $6. Don't know how the commuters do this twice a day. Once we got into the city, GPS not specific on which lane to be in for hotel, so we missed it and had to ride several blocks before finally  figuring it out. What a maze.

Had a nice visit with Liz and caught up on family and her job.

Before we left Campground,pulled the slides in as the wind was over 35/mph and did not  want to chance replacing another awning.
We left the slides in following day as well and soon learned that we can manage with them in..just a little tight. Going across the Oakland bridge was very windy and exciting. Sure would not want to take the iHome across on days like this.

I have been keeping busy with editing our travel photos and selecting music for making DVD's. Frustrating at times in trying to find the right music, but also an opportunity to relive our journeys through the photos. I have over 17,000 photos of family and travels in my iPhoto albums. You can never have too many. Guess in my old age they will provide good entertainment and memories.

This has been a relaxing stay and we depart on the 29th for 4 nights at Monterey. Have enjoyed the rabbits and tempted to feed them carrots, but that is a no no.
So Cuddly

Where are my Carrots?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arrival Travis AFB

16 November 2013

Leaving Redding RV park yesterday we had one last view of Mt Shasta.

View of Mt Shasta from Redding RV Park

Our drive down IH 5 to Fairfield and our home for next 2 weeks, Travis AFB, took around 3 hours. We were here last year at the same time. Finally sunshine and warmer weather. Travis is the largest military aerial port in the US providing global mobility through airlift,aerial refueling and humanitarian relief. The campground features full hookups and nice spaces. Commissary and Exchange are within walking distance. Cost is $20/night..a good bargain.
Travis FamCamp Site 59

Full Moon Over Travis

Driving into Benicia you pass the ghost fleet in Suisan Bay.
Ghost Fleet

Saturday we drove to Benicia to once again visit Benicia Arsenal. The US Army chose Benicia in 1849 as the first Army Post on the Pacific Coast. It featured the first Army Hospital in the West and many of the Civil War structures remain today. The Arsenal was closed in 1964. For 160 years Benicia remained one of the busiest sea and military posts on the California Coast. Camels were imported from the Mideast to be used as pack animals between Texas and California during the 1850's and 60's ending with the auction of the camels here.

The Clock Tower was built in 1860, destroyed by fire in 1912 and rebuilt with only 1 tower. It has served as a chapel,ammunitions storage and National Guard Armory.
Clock Tower

Commandant's home was also built in 1860. The lumber was carried around Cape Horn. It is not open for viewing.
Commandant's House

For more information http://www.beniciahistoricalmuseum.org

While in the area we intend to go into San Francisco again.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Medford to Redding

13 November 2013

Our drive down IH 5 from Medford to Redding was very nice except for dense fog as far as below Ashland. Once we crossed over into California, blue sky and sunshine. Had a scenic view of Mt Shasta and the lake.
Mt Shasta

Lake Shasta

 Tires make for a smoother ride. C and C tires in Central Point did a good job and would definitely recommend them. We were fortunate to have been in area that honors the FMCA Michelin discount.

Our home for the next 3 nights is Redding RV park just off exit 680 in Redding. Nice park. In the past we have stayed at Mountain Gate north of town and like that one as well..just wanted to try something else in the area.
Redding RV Park Site 18

 We will be in California at several different military bases until the 15th of January when we will travel to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas for 2 months. Back to Oregon in April and then on to western Canada for the summer.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Without Incidence

10 November 2013

While we were in Redmond we had our tires checked and were told we would have at least another year. Well that was not the case as when we driving from Salem to Medford on IH 5 at exit 152, we heard a loud bang. We pulled over and John checked outside and on the roof for damage or loss of objects and found nothing, so we continued and again the noise. Pulling over we better inspected the tires and realized that the inside back left tire had blown.
Tire Mishap

We called Good Sam roadside emergency and they sent a tow truck within the hour. As it turns out our spare was a Michelin and the motorhome has Goodyear tires. Not sure why they would not put the same type of spare. At any rate the rim on the spare had to be changed from the blown Goodyear to the Michelin. This part of service not covered and cost was $40. We started counting up our cash and being $7 short, had to get out my laundry quarters and were able to pay the bill. Lesson learned...alway carry cash for emergencies.

After a 2 hour delay, we arrived at the KOA between Gold Hill and Medford. Nice park. Our intent is to stay 2 nights continuing on to Redding for 3 nights. Well on Monday we researched FMCA's Michelin Advantage plan and found a dealer in Central Point and ordered 6 tires as we don't want to take any chances of another mishap. They informed us that they had to order and that they may be here on Tuesday. So we extended out stay 1 night. We hope to leave on Wednesday.

We are just thankful that no damage was done to motorhome and that it didn't happen as we were driving over the Santiam Pass from Redmond to Salem.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week in Salem with Friends

9 November 2013

Our time in Salem has been very nice spending with friends and good medical checkup reports.

We have been entertained, wined and dined and treated with unsurpassed hospitality.
We are thankful for having such life long friendships.

On Tuesday we were invited to Barb and lisa's home for dinner. We met them when we had our home in Salem.
Barb & Lisa with Kinzua and Daisy

A Dog's Life

They were helpful in helping us rent our home when we started traveling before we sold it. After catching up on their travels and enjoying a delicious spaghetti dinner, we said goodby until our next visit. They are getting married next year.

Wednesday was a busy day with doctor appointments, lunch at Cafe 22 with good friend Carole and later dinner at Don and Carolyn's with good friend Janet. We met Carole through Hope. She is the mother of Hope's good friend Brenda. Shortly after she moved to Salem we clicked and became good friends. We had lots to catch up on over lunch.

With Carole at Cafe 22

We have been good friends with Don and Carolyn since moving to Salem in 1990. Carolyn and I worked for same travel agency.
They took us under wing and introduced us to Janet and several other friends with whom we have kept in touch over the years.
They have a very nice home in McNary Estates. When walking in the door, you immediately feel at home and a warm welcome is most evident. Don grilled some steaks complimented with salad, mixed vegetable and apple cobbler for dessert.
They sold their RV after years of RVing. Think they peaked our interest in RVing and the rest is history.
The evening for a delight.
With Janet & Carolyn

John and Don

Thursday we visited former neighbors Pat and Tom and later Ellen who is now in assisted living.

Friday we drove to Sherwood to have dinner with Ray, Deneen and Dakota in their new home recently purchased. John  worked for Ray  since the 90's in several of his companies. They have been very good friends and we have watched Dakota grow over the past 15 years. It is always a pleasure to get together with them. Such interesting conversation, warm welcome and good food. Got a tour of the home which is unbelievable. Would like to see it during the day. They have 20 acres with 3 pygmy goats, 2 small dogs and later some horses. Maybe next visit.
With Dakota, John & Ray

Dakota, John, Deneen & Ray

Janet and I walked at Bush Park on Saturday and later lunch at Venti's. We use to walk several times a week and I miss this.
She was my motivation. I need to get back in the habit. Also miss our conversations. We stopped by the farmer's market and I purchased some crushed hazelnuts and 2 slices of Kentucky Bourbon pie for tonight's dessert.

Hope gave us a crockpot that I am using for the first time. Cooking a pork roast with cabbage, onions,potatoes and carrots.
We will be able to eat on this for several meals. Now that we have a convection microwave, have ordered a cookbook and will start using that also.

The Premier RV park in West Salem is a very nice park. We stayed here last year and will stay again in April. Our site is 127 and very nice. The park is almost full and very well maintained. Laundry is spotless and staff very friendly and helpful. Nice gift shop with wine themed gifts and other nice items. Tomorrow we leave for 2 nights in Medford at KOA. We are spending the winter in California and Nevada staying at military bases..almost same as last year.