Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heading to Salem

31 October 2013

Due to snow predicted on the Pass, we are departing tomorrow instead of Sunday for Salem visit and med appts.

Our visit has been very nice and we shall miss our Redmond Family, but with a promise of a return in April. Our time has been very relaxing, enjoying Hope and Shawn's great meals. Shawn is noted for his biscuits and gravy and pancakes..made from scratch. Hope made some delicious banana and zucchini bread and lots of other great dishes. She certainly does not take after me in the culinary sense. The grandsons are growing and doing quite well in school and sports. Cade recited the pledge of allegiance on the way to get yogurt ice cream last night. So proud of him.

Guess Casey will miss her time curled up in the motorhome and the horses not getting their daily carrot fix. Blackie, the rabbit, has enjoyed lettuce I give her and playing in the yard when Casey is in the motorhome. We will miss the fresh eggs,but not the rooster crowing.

Below are some parting photos.
Casey & Friend

Casey in the Peanut Butter Jar

With Grandsons & Pets

Take care my children. Until April.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching Up

22 October 2013

We continue to enjoy our time with Hope,Shawn,Colt,Cade and the animals Katy,Rocky and Casey.

This month has also given us time to do updates and repairs on the iHome. John and Shawn installed our new Whirlpool Convection oven, Hope gave us a small crockpot and I bought a new 4 slice toaster. So no excuses for eating out and not trying new recipes.
There is an oven in the Motorhome, but have only used it twice..too difficult to light. John also installed the 3 alarm devices and a repeater for WI-FI. This should reduce our Verizon bill. So many campgrounds have Wi-Fi, but accessibility is very faint.
We also had the new windshield installed.

Will miss the beautiful snowcapped mountain views from our site next to the house. Sure has made it convenient to camp in their driveway. Hope and I trade off on meal preparation. She is definitely a much better cook than I. Have enjoyed fresh vegetables from their garden and eggs straight from the hen. There is a difference from fresh and store bought.
Aspen Grove Next to House

Sunset Over Sisters

Hens & Rooster

The grandsons had their last football games last week and looking forward to baseball in a few months. When we return in the Spring will get to attend these games.We took them to the Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch. They were most interested in the maze. There is a beautiful view of Smith Rock from the farm. It is a rock climber's and hiking haven.
Colt in Position

Ready to Block


Good Runner
Pumpkin Patch

Train thru Pumpkin Patch

Big Watermelon

Smith Rock

Another View

Must See

Got to ride Katy Sunday.Shawn gave me good instructions as it has been over 20 years since my last horse ride. I am spoiling them with carrot treats.
Carrots for Katy

Katy & Rocky

Leading the Kids

Hope & Cade

Shawn & Colt

Nana on Katy

Getting Instructions

Good Katy

Shawn on Rocky

Took the iHome into Ford for oil change,transmission service. Very reasonable..$185.00. We have used them before and feel confident in their service. Also went by Les Schwab for tire check. They are good for another year at least. Have confidence in their service and advice. Too bad they aren't nationwide.

We go over to Salem 3 November to get together with friends and med appointments. Our next journey will take us to California, Nevada back to Oregon before touring Western Canada.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week in Oregon

6 October 2013

Our week in Oregon has been relaxing and affording a beautiful view of the mountains. On a clear day driving you can see 7 mountains..Bachelor,Broken Top, 3 Sisters,Jefferson and Mt Hood..all covered with snow. The air is crisp and clear. Could look at them all day. Only negative about Central Oregon is sage brush and junipers.
Three Sisters

Two of the Three Sisters

Mt Jefferson

Since we have been here have gotten together with friends Ernie and Alinda meeting for dinner at The Pump House in Terrebonne and then going back to their lovely home for delicious peach cobbler and visit with their precious dogs.
Alinda, Ernie and Girls

We have also celebrated Colt's 10th birthday. He choose to eat at Outback selecting the steak and lobster combo. His official party will be next weekend at the swim club. We attended his football game yesterday. Cade is playing flag football.
Number 49

Birthday Photo

John and I went shopping yesterday for an over the range Micro-Convection oven to replace our regular microwave. We choose a Whirlpool at Lowe's that has to be ordered. Should be here next week. By the way Lowe's gives military active and retired 10% discounts. We also received from Amazon a mattress pad to fit exactly our king bed and some sheets. Rv bedding is not usual size of most beds and bedding. Tomorrow he is going to order some parts from Fleetwood to install such as the 3 alarm detectors that expire after 5 years. While we are here we are going to Les Schwab to have tires checked and also take motorhome to Ford for oil change and other maintenance.

It is good to relax and visit with family. We are so proud and pleased with all our kids and grandkids and feel so blessed.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Arrival in Oregon

30 September 2013

After 11 months on our 4th journey we arrived back in Oregon at daughter Hope and family where we will stay for a month before heading to California and Nevada for the winter. This trip completed our visits to the lower 48 and 4 Canadian Provinces. Our next trip will take us to British Columbia, Alberta and maybe Saskatchewan for 2014.

Our drive today took us from the KOA in Pasco,WA via the Columbia Gorge on 84 to 97 south at Biggs Junction. Oregon and Washington have been experiencing high winds and rain. We were OK on the Gorge, but as we turned south the winds increased. Had to stop several times to extend the large slideout awing as the winds were causing a problem. Fortunately no damage was done. John is going to see about getting a cover for it.
Columbia Gorge

Getting Closer

Another View

John Day Dam

It was good to see Hope,Shawn and grandsons Colt and Cade. Casey kept looking for Destiny and she likes to stay in motorhome with us during the day. The horses are in the pasture as well as 6 steer. Had the grandsons get a growth photo by iHome to see how much they have grown since we left last year.
Cade Oct 2012

Colt Oct 2012

Colt & Cade Oct 2013
Casey's Spot in iHome

How Does this Work?

Checkers & Casey Are Pals

We will spend time reorganizing motorhome,having carpet cleaned and just a general cleaning out of things not needed. John will catch up on his fortwiki.com site.

1st week in November we will go to Salem for Doctor appointments and to visit friends.

We would like to find doctors in Redmond, but it is almost impossible on Medicare and with this new health plan debacle who knows.

Til next time.