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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fort Trotten & Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site ND

12 September 2013

A long drive to Fort Totten with a return via Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site.

Construction on Fort Totten began in 1867 and is named for General Joseph Totten chief engineer for the US Army.Calvary and infantry were stationed at the fort doing police functions to protect local residents and patrolling the International Boundary.
Fort Totten Plaque

Model Of Fort Totten

Museum Display

Gift Shop

Quartermaster Barn

Display in QM


AMMO Display

Captain's & 1st Lieutenant Quarters

2nd Lieutenant Quarters

Officer Quarter Bedroom

Dining Room

officer Bedroom


Soldiers stationed here had a less than glamorous existence. Few diversions contributed to alcoholism, desertions and boredom.
Units from the 7th Cavalry were among those under Custer at Big Horn. The horse Commanche who survived was transferred out after briefly returning to Fort Trotten. The fort was decomissioned in 1890 and remaining troops sent to Fort Abraham. In 1891 the fort became the property of Bureau of Indian Affairs.

From 1891-1935 an Indian School was set up in the buildings and for the next 45 years students from reservations were provided a literary and practical education centering on domestic skills for the girls and farming skills for the boys.President Grant created a government peace policy toward the Native Americans which basically stated that the solution to the Indian problem was not annihilation but assimilation. Indian children would be taken from their homes and placed in boarding schools that would break family ties,tribal and cultural beliefs. Government contracts were awarded to religious groups to educate these children. Life was not easy for these students and punishment common for duties not performed. In the 1920's education was changed to include traditional Indian culture.
School Room

Remains of Girl's Dormitory

From1935-1939 the site became a Tuberculosis Preventorium as the disease was rampant on the reservation. It was later moved to the Little Flower Mission at St Michaels ND.

From 1940-1959 Fort Trotten became a community school for the surrounding area emphasizing manujal and academic training. The athletic teams were highly respected and many of the students became civic leaders in the Devil's Lake region.

In 1963 the Fort Trotten Little Theatre group was formed and is the longest running amateur group in North Dakota holding yearly productions of musicals in Bldg 14 which was originally the Commander's Quarters and later the main school building.
Used as Theatre Group Was Commander Quarters

Building 4 which was the Captain and 1st Lieutenant Quarters is now a seasonal bed and breakfast known as Totten Trail Historic Inn.

The Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site near Cooperstown ND preserves and interprets the story of the Minuteman Missile system.
The site was constructed as part of the Grand Forks AFB 321 Missile Wing in 1965. Your visit to Oscar-Zero will give you an over all view of how the teams lived at the Missile Alert Facility. You will be guided down the elevator shaft to the underground Launch Control and Equipment room.

Missile Site

Launch Room

Guide Mark at Door to Equipment Room

 Later you can drive to November-33 to see the topside of a launch facility. Minuteman missiles were located near bases in Montana, Wyoming, Missouri and the Dakotas in the 1960's. As a result of the START treaty of 1991. This was only site preserved of those that closed and is operated by the North Dakota Historic Parks.

November-33 Site

Ready to Launch

Three Minuteman sites, each with 150 nuclear missiles are still operating in ND,WY and Mt.

When we were in Arizona several years ago we visited the Titan site.
At Titan Site-Oct 2009

Mark gave us a very good tour. Thank you.

Returning back to campsite, felt a cold coming on..sore throat etc. So tomorrow will be a day of rest.

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