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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum

23 September 2013

Today we drove the 18 miles to the town of Fort Peck to visit the Fort Peck Dam and Lake Interpretive Center and Museum.
The historic fort is somewhere under the lake.
Interpretive Center

The museum is dedicated to the history of building the dam and prehistoric dinosaurs found in the Hell Creek Geological Formation.
There is also a wildlife display. As close as I will get for viewing. Lack of wildlife viewing has been the biggest and only disappointment of this trip. In viewing the exhibit, I dismay at how anyone can kill such magnificent animals.


Cute Animals Except for Snake

Mom and Pop


Big Guy

Fort Peck Lake is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the United States with 1500 miles of shoreline. Stretched out it would reach Atlanta,GA. It is the biggest body of water in Montana. If the 860,000 people in Montana were placed in the lake, each would have 1/4 acre lot. It is a hydraulic earth filled dam with 5 generations producing 1 billion kwh of energy annually. Construction began in 1933 with over 40,000 people arriving looking for work.
Power Stations

Building of the Dam

Overall View Display

Missouri River

Fort Peck Lake

Another View

4 Shafts

4 Shafts

Power Plants

Looks like Dinosaur Peeking

A massive earth slide in 1938 took the lives of 8 workers who are still entombed beneath the dam. A memorial for all who were killed in the building is at the lookout across from the 4 shafts.
Signage of Dam Give Way

Memorial to Lives lost
Marker for Those Entombed

The Hell Creek Geological area is a prehistoric graveyard is located in the Badlands along the shores of the lake. The Charles Russell Wildlife Refuge surrounds the lake with more than 60 species of animals and 250 species of birds. It is the largest refuge in the lower 48 states. They say that the lake has some of best fishing along the Missouri River.

The dinosaur trail runs primarily along Hwy 2 featuring many museums depicting replicas of the dinosaurs found in the area.
The lobby of the museum features a life size replica of Tyrannosaurus rex. Montana has yielded some of the world's most significant dinosaur discoveries.

More Dinosaur Displays

Still More

And More

Tomorrow we leave for Great Falls and Malmstrom AFB for 3 nights.

Hippie Bus in RV Park

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