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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eagle Sculptures, Moonrise and Sunset

18 September 2013

While in Bismarck we visited the Bismarck Mandan Visitor Center and photograhed the 5 Eagle Sculptures located along River Road in several parks. Also saw a replica of the Lewis & Clark Keel boat.
Replica of Keelboat

Couldn't resist a photo with Captain Grant Prince Marsh 1834-1916. Captain Marsh was considered the best steamboatman. He piloted his boat the "Far West" in 1876 bringing wounded from Little Big Horn some 710 miles to Fort Abraham Lincoln in 56 hours.
With Captain Marsh

About Captain Marsh

The Eagle Sculptures are located in Keelboat,Sertoma,Steamboat and Pioneer Parks in Bismarck. The sculptures are the design and creation of students from the United Tribes Technical College. When completed there will be six sculptures.

"Thunderbirds" is considered part of the Great Spirit who lives among us in the clouds carrying a storm, flashing lightening from the eyes and producing thunder by flapping wings.

"Gathering of Visions" show the four directions and colors of a medicine wheel signifying diversity and unity in the circle of life.
A reminder to people to live in balance and harmony.
Gathering of Visions

"Reflections" serves as a reminder that all living things have a spirit and to treat all with respect.

The "Keeper" represents the community,the state and the nation. A symbol of protection,strength and freedom. We are all as "one".
The Keeper

"Rising Eagle" is guided by his will, hears our prayers and carries them to the Creator. The circular wall represents the Earth.
Rising Eagle

Our last night at campground gave us full moon and beautiful sunset.

Full Moon


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