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Friday, August 9, 2013

Car Troubles and Arrival Toronto Area

4 August 2013

After arriving at our campsite for the next 2 nights near Ottawa we encountered a major problem with the Malibu.
After unhooking, the anti theft light came on and the car was immobilized. John tried several fixes, but nothing worked. So we went onine to try and find a solution. As it turns out there is no easy solution. It also seems that this is a major problem with GM cars and they refuse to solve or admit it is a problem;however, you can take it in at a cost of over $1000. Guess we have been lucky with almost 130,000 miles and first time it has happened. Seems once it happens it can reoccur. Some people have had this happen while driving and the car just stops. Anyway John found a company on the internet that sells a kit that is supposed to fix it. He ordered it and when we get to the KOA in Port Huron MI it should be waiting for us. In the meantime we are without a car.

We arrived at our next stop west of Toronto on the 6th and called Enterprise to pick us up with rental car for the week. To make matters worse, the campground I chose has no internet and we have to travel to Tim Horton's about 16km. This is first time we have encountered this problem at a campsite either in US or Canada. When we arrive back in USA on the 13th we will have our MI-FI turned on.

The campground I chose is OK, but not one we will return. Needs attention;however, there are alot of seasonal campers and some permanent campers here. Our drive through Toronto on 401 gave me the vapors with all the traffic. This is first large drive thru city in Canada for us as we have managed to stay in surrounding areas. We were sorry that we did not get into Ottawa as we wanted to see the "Sound and Light" show at the Parliament.

Tomorrow we are going to Niagara on the Lake about 50 miles southeast. We were there this time last year when we stayed on the NY side.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your car problems. Not fun at all! We left Oklahoma Sunday and landed in Fairplay, Co. for 13 nights. It's an old mining town. Al plans to fish. So far, it has rained off and on, but in the "off" it is really, really nice. This weekend is a bead and fiber festival in the little town.
    We discovered a leak in our bathroom sink drain, of course somewhere behind the hot water heater and by the outside wall. So we are not using the bathroom sink. We were just glad it wasnt the shower or something major.