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Friday, August 23, 2013

Car Repaired and Bounder Good to Go

23 August 2013

After spending 5 nights at the Fleetwood RV parking area in Decatur,IN we arrived today at Camp Grayling National Guard Camp in Michigan for 4 nights before going to ST Ignace in the Upper Peninsula MI.
Camp Grayling RV Park
Cute Chipmunk
Lake Margrethe Grayling RV Park

Nice Beach at Park

During our stay in Decatur we had some work done on the Bounder and finally we now have a working car. Kelly Chevrolet in Decatur fixed our problem to the tune of $1100 replacing the fuel pump, filter and new key cylinder. Really can't complain as the car was bought used in 2009 with 50,000 miles and 6 years old. It now has over 130,000 miles and has served us good. Maybe now it will last another 130,000.

This was our 3rd trip to Fleetwood for maintenance and work and we always are well satisfied and confident that they will be fair and do good work. We also took the factory tour again which peaked my interest in a later model, but only a dream. We are satisfied with our choice and hope it continues to give us more good miles. We had them replace the awning fabric on the patio awning, check the house batteries, replace the fan motor in the forward A/C and just do general maintenance. That bill came to $1800. Just like a home..regular upkeep.

Indiana and Michigan in the areas we have stayed are not big on recycling. Don't understand why the USA can't be as diligent as Canada. Even the shopping bags I bought at Walmart in Canada are made from recycled plastic bottles. Since we drink only bottled water, would be nice if each campground had a recycling plan.

While we were at Fleetwood, met a very nice couple from San Diego who asked us to call when we get down there this winter and they would take us out on their sailboat. We may run into each other on the way back to Oregon.

We have picked up alot of blackflies on the windshield and front of Bounder. What a nuisance. The Dawn works great for removal.
If someone could patent a bugfree windshield, they would make a fortune.

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