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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Underground Tour and more Walking in Quebec City

20 July 2013

Weatherman promised good weather today..what does he know?
Anyway we took the ferry over to the city and up the funicular to the tourist information center to book a bus tour for tomorrow that takes us around the city and to the Montmorency Falls. We then did the underground tour of the St Louis Forts and Chateaux beneath the Dufferin Terrace.

Bottom Wall of Frontenac Restaurant

Interesting about the Latrine

For over 200 years this was the seat of power for the French and British consisting of 4 forts and 2 Chateaux spanning from 1648 to 1834.
In 1834 a fire destroyed the Chateau. The Hotel Frontenac is adjacent to the site. For more info go to http://www.pc.gc.ca
Note difference remodels and English added 3rd Story.

We then walked to view the Petit Champlain fresco which tells of the origins of the Cap-Blanc district as a port and community showing the lives of the people who lived here.
Petit Fresco

A thunderstorm was brewing so we ducked into a Cafe le D Orsay for lunch just in time as the rain came down in torrents.
Waiting for Lunch

We then stopped for some gelato before taking the ferry back to Levis.

We find taking the ferry easier than driving, finding a place to park etc.

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