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Monday, July 22, 2013

Parc de la Chute Montmorency

21 July 2013

Today the weather was beautiful, not so hot and a perfect day for taking the tour to the Chute Montmorency. It is only several miles from city center passing ile d'orleans..we will do a driving tour here before we leave.

The waterfall is 272 ft high and 95 ft higher than Niagara Falls. We decided to take the cable car to the top rather than walk the 487 steps to the suspension bridge. We did walk down and even this was a feat. I was surprised at how many walked up including small children. The Canadians are a hearty bunch.
Chute Montmorency

Chute Montmorency

Suspension Bridge

Before the Walk Down

One View of Steps

Another View

Suspension Bridge

Cable Car

At the top there is a Manior Restaurant offering a culinary experience in dining. You can also drive up. The Terrace offers panorama views. We did not eat here.
Manior Restaurant & Home

A short hike with panorama vista stops to the suspension bridge across the falls continuing on to the steps. Although we had return tickets on the cable car, we opted for the walk down.  I can just imagine the beauty of the falls in the winter. There is also a lovely park for hiking where Wolfe and Montcalm  once confronted each other before the battle on Plains of Abraham in which the English were successful. Both died in this battle.

Returning to Quebec we had lunch at the 1641 Restaurant next to the Information Center on Place d'Armes. Lunch usually costs about $15/ea plus tax and gratuity..even for a sandwich and no drink.
1641 Restaurant

Information Center

There were two Martello Towers that John wanted to photograph, but too far to walk so we hired a taxi..$20 with tip and he waited at the first one before taking us to 2nd one as the walk was too steep to climb. Well worth the $20. Only one tower remains. The other one was by a former hospital and demolished for construction.

We then walked to Artillery Park for more pictures as the sun was in our favor . We visited the Dauphine Redoubt built to protect the upper town on the west side in 1690 from the British. It was rebuilt in 1693 and modified in 1712 and is one of the surviving defenses of the city.
French Soldier

Officer Quarters Dauphin Redoubt

Signage about Redoubt

Signage about Redoubt


Dauphine Redoubt

After taking the city bus red tour, we decided to call it a day.
Red Bus City Tour
Oldest House Upper City

A stop to see one of many street performers and Gelato, we took the ferry back to Levis.
Street Performer

Street Performer

Funicular to Old City

Arriving Ferry

A very tiring day, but lots of fun.

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