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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Day in Quebec City Area

27 July 2013

This is our last day in Quebec City area so we decided one more ferry ride to the city and a walk around upper and lower areas. We also wanted to attend the "Beating of the Retreat" ceremony at the Citadel.

Some things I failed to mention in previous blogs:

Quebec means where the river narrows.

Why do they speak French in Quebec province?

Well, the story I got and not sure if it is true is that it all started with the American Revolution. England decided that in order to keep the French Canadians loyal to the crown and not side with the Americans,they would let them keep their language and their Catholic Religion.

A note on our Campground: Very  convenient for taking the ferry..only 6km. Best way to get to Quebec City. $12/rt for senior and $8 parking.
Only downside is intermittent Wi-Fi, but we managed. Could always go to Tim Horton's. It is small, affords a nice view of St Lawrence and Ile d'Orleans. Pleasant staff and owner. www.campingdelamartiniere.com

Due to some catching up, we have stayed near campground most of week.
John has much to do with his website fortwiki.com and I continue to put our travel photos on DVD's. Most difficult part is selecting music to coincide with  photos. We have also decided to have some work done at Fleetwood in Decatur IN so altered our remaining stays in Canada by several days. We need to have the large power awning fabric replaced, household batteries may be replaced and front A/C fan replaced. Would rather have them do the work instead of an RV repair place.

Now back to our last day in the city. One of the items on list was to walk the ramparts, but due to Celine appearing in the venue on the Plains of Abraham and next to the Citadel, part of the ramparts were blocked.
We did not know she was appearing until today and the same when McCartney was here last week..too late to get tickets. Next big performance in by Rolling Stones.

After getting pass to see the "Beating of Retreat" which starts at 6PM on saturdays til September, we walked over to the Parliament and fountain.
I was ready to jump in and cool off. We then inquired about a buggy ride around the upper city, but at $90 for 45 minutes,decided to walk and find a cafe for early dinner. As it turned out, we decided to return to 1640 where we had lunch last visit. John got a delicious Thai chicken salad and i enjoyed a Bolognese pasta with 1 huge meatball.
Fountain in Front of Parliament


Street Walk

$90 Buggy Ride

Oldest House 1677

Took his picture in front of Hotel Frontenac. He and his family visited here when he was in his teens and they stayed in the Presidential Suite. They were on a driving trip from Virginia to Quebec and Gaspe. His dad was with Thomas Cook and in those days he got many comps in travel.
John in Front of Frontenac

I am going to try and post a video of the Retreat. The Retreat consists of the marching band, changing of sentries,trooping the Regimental Colors, firing of evening guns and lowering of the flag.


Firing of the Guns

Lowering of the Flag

A walk back to the ferry via stairway instead of funicular, a stop for gelato and finally back at campsite around 8PM.
Easier to go Down

John Agrees

Street Performer

I Had the Small One

Tomorrow we have an easy drive to Montreal via Hwy 20 where we will be until the 6 August. We will be staying at Camping Amerique Montreal.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day! We are heading out a week from today for Fairplay, Co., for a couple of weeks. Then to Buena Vista for two weeks. Hoping to beat the August heat.