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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fort Lennox

29 July 2013..

Fort Lennox is located on the Ile aux Noix, an island in the middle of the River Richelieu in the town of Saint Paul and reached by ferry from the Park visitor center. The fort features restored defense works and stonework buildings surrounded by a star shaped moat.

Fort Lennox Plaque

Visitor Center

Ferry to Ile

Model of Fort Lennox

Park Sign


It was built by the British between 1819 and 1829 to protect the colony from possible American invasion. There was an earlier fort built on the site by the French during the Seven Years War. In 1775 the Americans occupied the island. When they retreated, the British built the present fort.



Interior of Magazine


Fort Buildings

Cannon Display


Over the years the fort has served as a prison, reform school and refugee camp. It is one of few forts in North America to have survived intact.

They also have a very nice museum.
Officers Dining

Officer Quarters

Officer Living

Duty Officer Quarter

For more info go to John's site:
fortwiki.com under Quebec

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