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Sunday, June 23, 2013

York Redoubt

23 June 2013

Today we drove over to York Redoubt located on Purcell Cove.
Welcome Sign


Map of Redoubt

The Redoubt was built in 1793 at the outbreak of war between Britain and France on a bluff overlooking the Halifax Harbor and a key element in the defense of Halifax.
As it looked in 1800

In 1873

In 1900

In 1942

During WW I it served as housing for soldiers being deployed overseas.

York Redoubt

Map of Halifax Defenses

Duke of York Martello Tower

9 " RML Gun

Kitchen & Artillery House

  During the 19th century the York Redoubt and the Citadel used signal flags to keep each other informed of ship's movements in the harbor. Today it is operated by Canadian Parks service. Even though it had not opened for the season, you could still walk around. It officially opens on the 26th.

During WWII a fire command post was built which served as the nerve center including an anti submarine net which stretched across to McNabs Island.

Fire Control Tower

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