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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mahone Bay and Lunenburg

25 June 2013

The town of Mahone Bay has been named one of Canada's best small town downtowns and pretty as a picture. It features many art and music festivals during the year as well as many small inns and restaurants. This area along with Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg are part of the Bluenose Coast area stretching 200 miles along Nova Scotia's South Shore.
Info Sign at Visitor Center

One of Many Homes

View Down Main Street

Bay Scene

So Serene

Mahone Bay has some 365 islands and is a prime boating and sailing area noted for its  pristine waters. The welcome sign says"We love the beauty around us and welcome you to share it". Many German speaking immigrants settled her in 1754 due to British colonizing efforts of European settlers. Prior to this it was inhabited by the Mi'kmaq natives. It became an area steeped in agriculture,forestry,ship building,shipping and fishing. townofmahonebay.ca

We stopped for ice cream at "Dad's Ice Cream", Mom's Buy & Sell" before going to Lunenburg.

The town of Lunenburg was established in 1753, 4 years after Halifax during Father LeLoutre's War. It was one of the first British attempts to settle Protestants in Nova Scotia and as a result,the Catholics raided the community nine times in the early settlement. The town was designated a UNESCO site in 1995 as we have noted are many towns in Canada.

The Bluenose II is located here, which was in dry dock and one of the reason we decided to visit. This was a a disappointment. Also here is the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

Blue Nose in Dry Dock
Don, you would like the golfcourse. Seems very challenging with the hills, but the view is fabulous.
Bluenose Golf Course

View of town from Golf Course

There is much to see in the area. Unfortunately it would require a stay of around a week. Check out the website lunenburgregion.ca

Tomorrow and rest of week rain is predicted. Still much to do in the area.

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  1. These towns (villages) look like they are straight out of a movie set!