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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fundy Trail Parkway Drive

18 June 2013

The Parkway is around an hour east of Saint John beginning in the town of St Martins. The Parkway drive is around 11km ow and return is by same road. There are many vista stops along the way with commanding views of Fundy Bay and beaches below. Rock cliff formations are spectacular.
Unfortunately, no wildlife sightings. We stopped at Melvin Beach vista for picnic.
Map of Drive and Stops

The park offers many hiking and biking trails that are well marked and of many levels. Also in the park is the Hearst Lodge which can be reached by hike from the Interpretive Center. If you have reservations, you can be shuttled up. The hike from the Interpretive Center is guided, 4 hours and lunch included. 24 hour advance reservation is required. We did not do this.
Interpretive Center

View from Center

Fox Rock Lookout

Fuller Falls Lookout

Salmon River

My Honey

View From Interpretive Center Lookouut

View from Cranberry Lookout

Interpretive Center

Melvin Beach

View from Melvin Beach Lookout

Cave at St Martins

The park service has done a very good job in maintaining the park. This is a paradise for bikers and hikers. A real eco-adventure.

St Martins was once a vibrant fishing,logging and shipbuilding community. There is a nice RV park on the bay and a visitor center next to the covered bridge. Beaches are very rocky, so wear appropriate shoes.
For the rock collector, there are many unusual rocks of varying colors and shapes.
Visitor Center St Martins NB

Rock Formation St Martins Beach

Covered Bridge at Entrance to Parkway

Rocks on the Beach

It was a relaxing day. Enroute home we stopped at Costco in Saint Johns for some supplies. We finally discovered why our debit card only works as a credit card...it does not have a micro chip. So we had to use our Amex.

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