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Monday, June 10, 2013

FDR Home Hyde Park,NY

2 June 2013

Today we drove up to Hyde Park to visit the home of Franklin Roosevelt. I had been here in the 90's,but this was John's first visit. The library was closed for renovations, the first since 1941 and this was a disappointment, but we did have a very informative tour of the home. My photos not so good as flash not permitted.
Back View of Library

Written Description of Berlin Wall Sculpture

Sculpture From Berlin Wall

Chatting with Franklin and Eleanor

Enjoying our Conversation

Springwood served as his home from birth to death..he and Eleanor are buried in the Rose Garden.

Graves of Franklin and Eleanor

Beautiful Peony's in the Garden

 The home and  property were inherited from his mother, Sara. His father James bought the property in 1867. Over the years the property was remodeled and buildings added. His library was completed in 1940 during the later years of his second term. He is the only president to have a library while still in office.The home and acreage were transferred to the Department of Interior in 1945.
The Home

Horse Barn


It is a very unpretentious residence with many of the rooms and furnishings remaining as it was when he and Eleanor resided in the home. They played host to many dignitaries including Winston Churchill and King George VI.
FDR's Office

Pink Room


Guest Room

FDR's Boyhood Bedroom
Room Where Franklin was Born

Eleanor's Bedroom

Franklin's Bedroom

Sara's Bedroom

Dining Room

Reception Hall
Visitor Center and Museum

He and Eleanor had 5 sons and 1 daughter.Franklin, JR died in infancy.
The remaining children lived into their 60's and 70's.

Franklin was the only son of Sara and James. James was in his 50's when Franklin was born. James, a widower had a son by his first wife. Franklin's mother lived with Eleanor and him until her death in 1941. Eleanor died in 1962.

To enable better access to the upstairs, it was suggested that an elevator be installed;however, Roosevelt had a fear of fire and knowing the elevator was run by electricity refused. So he accessed the upper floor by dumb waiter that accommodated his wheelchair. How he managed to hide his paralysis over the years is amazing.

Anyway it was a nice afternoon. To read more go to www.nps.gov/hofr

We still did not get into NYC. Even bought train tickets, but Saturday we weren't feeling too good and today weather not so good.

Tomorrow we get ready to depart for Maine and pick up Sweet Destiny's ashes to carry with us.
She will not be with us in body, but in spirit. Will carry them back to Oregon for scattering.

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