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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Visit to Historic Jamestown

14 May 2013

Today we toured Historic Jamestown and later the Settlement Museum.

It began in Jamestown in 1607  expanding from an English settlement of 104 men and boys on the James river into 13 colonies.  It ended in Yorktown in 1781 with the defeat of Cornwallis.
Signage for Walking Tour

Scale Model of  Fort
Site of Landing on James River

The walking path takes you back in time as you visit the excavations, tour the original church tower and the reconstructed church, visit the Archaearium with many exhibits from the excavations, the Ambler Mansion ruins, the Tercentenary Monument, statue of Pocahontas.
Rebuilt in 1906

Jamestown Memorial Church


Archaeological Digs

The Queen visiting the fort in 2007


Guarding the Cannon

Ambler Mansion built in 1750

Continued excavations 

By 1619 disease and malnutrition had taken all but 1,000 and continued to ravage the population for the next five years.Also the worst drought in 800 years and conflicts with the Powhatan weakened the settlement. Tobacco proved to be the lucrative crop introduced by John Rolfe who married Pocahontas in 1614. She later died at the young age of 22 enroute back from England to Jamestown.

The society of the settlers helped to create the English language, culture and religion of today. It was here that the first legislative body met and here the first capitol formed which was later moved to Williamsburg in 1698 and then Richmond.

I refer you to historicjamestowne.org for more detailed info and history.

Next we are going to make a stop at the Jamestown Settlement Museum to see the replica of the original James Fort and the 3 ships that sailed to Virginia in 1607. Also a walk through a Powhatan village.
Entrance to Settlement Museum

Replica of Fort

Replica of Fort

Entrance to Fort Replica

Susan Constant,Godspeed & Discovery Ships

Route from England to Jamestown

Powhatan Village

Settlement Museum

The setting along the James River is most scenic and serene.

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