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Monday, May 13, 2013

Colonial National Historic Park-Yorktown, VA

13 May 2013

We arrived in Williamsburg yesterday for 5 nights at the Cheatham Annex/Yorktown Naval WS campground. Very nice campground with full hookups and quiet. A perfect location for touring the area.
Campsite at Cheatham Annex #28

We have been to the start of the American Revolutionary War at Lexington/Concord MA in 1775 and today the end at Yorktown  in 1781 with the surrender of General Cornwallis. After the surrender it took 2 more years in 1783 for the final treaty.
Map of Battlefield Drive

12  Pounder British Gun taken by Lafayette in 1786

Between the Cannons

1681 Mortar Still Used in 1781

The British had practically abandoned their efforts to reconquer the northern states and had hopes of conquering the southern states. By doing this, events were set in motion giving independence to the 13 colonies.

Cornwallis thought that if he could conquer Virginia, the states south would return to British allegiance.
He chose the port of Yorktown for his base. Meanwhile a large French fleet sailed up from the West Indies for combined operations with the American and French armies proceeding to blockade the Chesapeake Bay. This cut off Cornwallis' escape and help.

George Washington began moving allied troops from New York south along with the French army under Rochambeau. The allied army numbered 17,000 and gathered at Williamsburg. On 28 September they marched to Yorktown to face Cornwallis's garrison of 8300. After days of intense bombardment and a failed attempt by Cornwallis to escape  over the York River, Cornwallis requested a cease fire and formally surrendered on 19 October 1781. This was the last major battle of the Revoluntionary War which changed the course of history forever. The Treaty of Paris formally ended the war in 1783.
Washington's Headquarter's Sign

French Artillery Sign

French Cannons

Display at Visitor Center

Grand American Battery

American Battery

Redoubt 9 Captured by French

Redoubt 10 Captured by Americans

Surrender Field
Moore House Where Surrender Negotiations Took Place
French Cemetery

Victory Trophies

Allow at least 3 hours for the complete driving tour and visiting the Visitor Center. Also,  please take the short walk from the Visitor Center to see the Yorktown Victory Monument.

If we have time we want to do the walking tour of Yorktown.

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  1. oh my goodness. You two are doing what Dan and I hope to do some day. I hope that you are having a amazing time.