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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arrival Naval Station Mayport

30 April 2013

After spending a night at the KOA in Tallahassee, driving thru a torrential rain storm from Pensacola, we arrived at one of our favorite military campgrounds. We stayed here year ago March. This time we got site 7 waterfront. This affords unobstructive view of channel for seeing the subs,ships and other vessels coming and going. There is a nice beach as well.

Great View

 At the KOA was an RV next to us with a sign shown below. Must be very frustrating for the owners to have so much wrong and dealer not willing to help.
Lemon Sign on RV

Naval Station Mayport is home to the Navy's 4th Fleet and the largest naval surface fleet concentration in the US. It is home to 6 Frigates, 4 Cruisers, 4 Destroyers and I believe 2 Submarines. Its mission is to sustain and enhance warfighter readiness. The harbor can accommodateup to 34 fleet units.
Sub Coming In


Sub and Cruiser



There is also a German Sub in port participating in maneuvers with the US Navy.

We will be here until the 7th.

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