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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother's Final Journey

22 April 2013

Mother left this worldly existence for a final journey to the heavens.
She was 92.
Mary Elizabeth 6 mos

Thomasville HS Photo

She was residing in a nursing home in Louisvile. She had moved there in 2009 to live with my sister Abby. Her health started failing in the past year and she was resolved to a higher more spiritual calling.

After Daddy passed on in 1998 she came to Oregon to live with John and me in 2000. I am thankful for the time we were able to spend during those 9 years. This time also gave her time with my kids and grandkids.
We persuaded her to travel to British Columbia visiting Victoria and Whistler as well as trips to Texas and California. Her favorite outing was with her dear friend, Rose, to Spirit Mountain Casino. No big jackpots, but fun anyway. She was present for great grandsons, Colt and Cade's birth.
They called her "grandma chocolate" as she always had Hershey bars for them.
Columbia Gorge

Christmas Hat

We were very close and confided in her many times. She always had good advice and was a good sounding board. She and Daddy instilled in me a sense of values, fairness, caring for those less fortunate and family. Since I was the oldest of three by ten years and both parents worked, I also developed maturity and independence and thankful for this.

Mother was the oldest of 4 children with the youngest brother, Frank, still living. Her father died when she was 12 and her mother raised the children alone. Mother grew up on North Carolina. She married Daddy at age 19 and had me at age 20. Daddy's family was Jewish, so Mother who had been raised a Baptist converted before marrying.
Mother & Daddy

Cheek to Cheek

I last visited with her in August 2012. She was so frail and legally blind.
I felt then this would be my last visit.

Last Visit With Mother
She left behind 3 children,8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
With Children Amy,Abby & Sean

Thank you Mother for giving me life. I love you.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to grandmother... thank you for sharing the pictures, history and words of love. I have always been thankful for having had a deep and loving relationship with her. She left me with a lot of funny stories that I will remember for a long, long time. I will miss holding her soft, smooth hands, playing scrabble with her, hearing the boys call after her for more chocolate, and her gift of telling her life stories.

    1. Thank you,dear Hope. You are a special daughter