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Friday, April 19, 2013

John's Tour of Ship Island Fort Massachusetts

18 April 2013

Before departing Gulfport for Pensacola, John wanted to visit Fort Massachusetts on West Ship Island around 12 miles south of Gulfport.
The Island is only accessible via ferry or private boat. The ferry only runs March thru October. mshipisland.com

The ferry departs Wednesday thru Sunday with weekday departures 900AM and weekends 9 and noon and takes an hour. Returns at 230P arriving back at 330P. As this was last minute decision due to weather,I opted to stay with Destiny as 7 hours would be too long to leave her.
Ship Island Ferry

So I am sharing John's pictures. Wish I could have gone.Some of the finest beaches on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are located on Ship Island.
The white beaches of the Gulf Coast National Seashore are composed of quartz eroded from granite in the Appalachian Mountains carried by rivers and streams and deposited by currents.
Perfect Pose

Beautiful Beach

Fort Massachusetts was built as part of a series of 19th century fortifications in our early defense system. The island became a camp for Confederate POW's. Ship Island was first named in 1699 by French explorers. It is also known as the Plymouth Rock of the Gulf Coast as this was where many colonists took their first steps on American soil. It was here during the war of 1812 that 60 British ships landed in the failed attempt to capture New Orleans. In 1862 Admiral Farragut's Union invasion fleet used the Island as a staging area to capture New Orleans and Mobile.

Fort Massachusetts

By the 15" Rodman

I spent the day planning our return trip to Oregon scheduled for the 3 October.

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