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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Days in Albuquerque

21 March-26 March 2012

On 21 March we drove to Santa Fe, an hour north on IH 25. This was our second visit in 25 years. Purpose was to view Fort Marcy;however there is nothing left of the fort except one home in town square across from the museum. So we decided to walk around the square and visit Cathedral Basilica St Francis of Assisi and San Miguel Mission.
Town Square Santa Fe

State Capital NM

Cathedral Basilica was built in 1869 on site of older adobe church. At the entrance is a statue of Kateri Tekakwitha,the first North American Indian to be beatified. She was Algonquian Mohawk.

Cathedral Basilica
Interior Cathedral Basilica

Statue of Kateri Tekakwitha

San Miguel Mission is the oldest active church in the USA built in 1610.
Unfortunately it was closed for visitation today.

San Miguel Mission

22 March

When I got up this morning, had another episode of Vertigo. Not sure why at my age I am getting this. Anyway spent the day in bed.

23 March

Not feeling much better, decided to go to a walk in clinic in hopes the doctor could do the Epley Manuever and renew my Meclizine for the dizziness. John also had an ingrown toenail and wanted that attended to.
The doctor was very nice and she also suffers from Vertigo. She showed John how to perform the Epley. She treated John's toenail as well.

24 March

Still not feeling up to par, but better. Mostly low on energy.
So our touring has been put on hold.

25 March

Feeling better today so we decided to visit Old Town. Monday is not the day to visit as the Museum is closed as are many of the shops and restraurants. After walking around and visiting the San Felipe de Niro church which is the oldest church in Albuquerque built in 1706 we stopped in the Romero shops for ice cream and hot chocolate.
Tomorrow we leave for Amarillo for 4 nights.

San Felipe de Neri
Interior San Felipe de Neri


Romero Street Gallery
Old Town Albuquerque

Old Town

Town Square Old Town

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