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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Rock Canyon

13 February 2013

A visit to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas is on our list of things to do while we are here and a beautiful day for the visit. So packed a picnic lunch, put Destiny in the car and off we went.
The Two of Us

Welcome Stone at Visitor Center

View From Calico Stop

Destiny Taking in the Sights

Enjoying Picnic Lunch

The drive out Charleston Blvd passing through some upscale housing developments and shopping areas, the Red Rocks come into view. With our Golden Passport, the entry was free. Stopping at the Visitor Center before starting our 13 mile drive through the Canyon is recommended.
They have displays of the history and a very nice gift shop and also outdoor displays with commanding views.

The Canyon offers 30 plus miles of hiking trails, world class rock climbing and is Nevada's first National Conservation Area. The 13 mile drive offers several scenic stops for photos and outdoor treks.

More Hikers

Two Bighorn Sheep

I took over 75 pictures and John over 100. It has been difficult deciding which ones to post.

We saw several climbers and lots of hikers. Unfortunately, the horses and burros must be on vacation. Did see some Bighorn Sheep high up. Highest elevation was around 4500'. Franko's Map is the best for information on touring, hiking and climbing. This can be found at tourist info areas.
Looks Scary

Almost to Top

Is He Alone

A few more Steps

This is Tough

Don't let Go

Keep Going

Rock Climber

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  1. You picked some good pictures! Those rock climbers are nuts, and my husband would love to be right up there with them. Glad Destiny got to go with you. Wish we had dogs that could go on hikes with us, but being the dog haters they are, they have to stay in the iHome and miss out on all the fun.